Artists models show us what WiFi signals look like

first_imgIf you were asked what WiFi looks like, you’d probably be tempted to say “nothing.” Well, you’d be right — for the most part. Just because WiFi is a radio wave signal doesn’t mean you can’t create a visual representation of it. That’s just what Austrian artist and architect Peter Jellitsch has done in a new art project.Jellitsch’s new installation is called Bleecker Street Documents, named after the apartment building where he acquired his dataset. You see, Jellitsch spent 45 days in a New York apartment last year and took careful measurements of the WiFi signal strength in the building on a daily basis. He ended up with hundreds of painstakingly transcribed data points.What he did with those numbers is the really cool bit. Jellitsch created a physical model based on the signal readings with each data point chronologically plotted with signal strength. Higher numbers jut upward, and lower values stay flat.The resulting sculpture is essentially a visualization of signal strength over time — an angular mountain range of WiFi numerology, if you will. The final version was milled on a CNC machine and affixed to a shipping pallet for exhibition. The installation has the sculpture, of course, but also some of Jellitsch’s original data and general info on WiFi signals and radio waves.Peter Jellitsch, via Co.Designlast_img read more

Contiki is offering agents the chance to enjoy New

first_imgContiki is offering agents the chance to enjoy New Zealand with a 50% industry-only discount off the top-selling ‘Sweet As’ South trips, with available departures including 25 July, 11 September and 19 September 2018. The offer is live from now until sold out. To access the discount, email T&C’s can be found on the new agent website under the Rewards section. agentsContikiindustry discountsNew Zealandlast_img