The XFiles Does the Best They Can to End a Bad Arc

first_img After ten spooky, thrilling (for the most part) weeks, we’ve reached the end. The season, and probably series, finale of The X-Files. It’s the fourth part of the “My Struggle” arc that’s served as a bookend to each new season. It… hasn’t been good so far. Now that it’s over… well, it definitely got better. The fakeout it-was-all-a-vision thing they did at the beginning of the season felt cheap at the time, but it allowed the rest of the season to focus on giving us everything we’ve always loved about the X-files. We had eight episodes of Mulder and Scully chasing conspiracies and solving X-Files, bookended by two attempts to drive the mythology towards some kind of conclusion. Never mind the fact that it got as good a conclusion as it was ever going to get back in season seven.Right away, we know it’s a mythology episode because it starts with some narration. This time, by Jackson Van de Kamp, better known as William Scully. The boy thought to be the child of Mulder and Scully, but in the worst twist ever, was revealed to be the Smoking Man’s son. You know, for such a great and fun season, it’s easy to forget it started off on the worst possible note. Jackson catches us up on his life. The visions of the future, a life of juvenile delinquency and government surveillance, and a brief recap of the episode where he made two girls sea each other as a Lovecraftian monster. He reveals he knows, through his visions, that the Smoking Man is his father. Jackson’s never met him, but he already knows he hates him. That’s when we flash forward to Smoking Man holding Mulder at gunpoint. He apparently shoots Mulder before that awesome theme song kicks in, probably for the last time.Guest star William B. Davis and guest star Annabeth Gish (Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX)As the episode begins proper, Mulder is looking for his son just as the FBI is getting fed up with Mulder and Scully. Mulder has gone public about the Smoking Man’s conspiracy to release a global virus that will wipe out humanity as we know it. That’s the last straw for the director. The X-Files is being shut down, and Skinner is assigned to collect Mulder and Scully’s badges. So that’s how this whole thing is going to end. Meanwhile, Mulder is investigating some intel that his son is being taken to Tennessee on a secret plane. William/Jackson is nowhere to be seen, but someone else he knows is there. It’s the guy who wanted to send rich people into space so they would survive the Smoking Man’s virus. The man informs Mulder that everyone is after his son, causing Mulder to fly into a fit of parental rage and worry, and kill the man.No matter what Mulder does though, he can’t change the truth. Everyone is after his son. No matter where William goes, he’s pursued by shadowy agents. Good thing he can disguise himself. And knows parkour. In this final episode, it’s nice to see Mulder and Scully working together to find their son. I just wish they were physically together. Their dynamic isn’t the same over the phone. Still, Scully does help Mulder find William’s trail. These later mythology episodes aren’t my favorite, but at least the chase makes this one fun. Mulder is chasing down his son, who is also running away from just about everyone with an interest in controlling the future.Gillian Anderson (Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX)I just wish Scully had more to do. What is with these recent mythology episodes and keeping her at home doing very little. She tries to warn Mulder of his impending death, and he doesn’t listen. She tries to warn the world of the alien virus by calling a conspiracy talk show host. The pacing of this episode is so weird. It jumps forward in time at random like it’s trying to get through as much story as quickly as possible, but then it has scenes that seem to just be here to fill time. Like Mulder getting the runaround from William’s girlfriend. Or a scene where William is picked up by an agent tracking him only to be somewhere else in the very next scene.At least that introduces us to a new power of his that actually is pretty scary. When the people chasing William finally track him down, he’s able to blow them up with a single look. It’s a gory bloodbath that even gives last week’s cannibalism story a run for its money. As we learn from the conspiracy host Scully called, the men and woman he killed were all military personnel. At least The X-Files is ending on the craziest, most convoluted conspiracy it can think of. I’ll give the end of this “My Struggle” story one thing. The way it brings everyone together is messy as hell, but it sure is exciting. Where last week’s episode was a perfect farewell to the series, this really feels like they’re ending it, for better and for worse. Especially once Skinner dies trying to shoot the Smoking Man as he arrives at the warehouse William has run to.Guest star Miles Robbins (Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX)When Scully finally joins the action, there’s even a fakeout from William. In a very well-directed scene, Scully (along with all of us) is convinced he’s talking to Mulder. As she continues talking to him, it slowly starts to dawn on us that Mulder isn’t actually there. She’s talking to William and doesn’t even know it. When the real Mulder shows up, William makes a break for it and the show ends in one final chase. The scene from the beginning of the episode where Mulder gets shot plays out exactly the same way. Only it turns out not to be Mulder. William just makes Smoking Man think he’s shot Mulder. The real Mulder sees the entire scene play out, and finally puts a few bullets into Smoking Man.And that, it would appear is how The X-Files ends. The Alien virus never comes close to being released. All the major players of this particular arc are dead. Mulder and Scully mourn the loss of their son, and the X-Files are closed for good. That last part really should have been a bigger moment than it was. The end of The X-Files should have weight. It should mean something. In the end, the moment feels like this episode: Offhandedly tossed out because there had to be some kind of ending. As far as I’m concerned, last week’s disturbing episode about aging and moving on is the real series finale. This is just a lackluster epilogue. An appropriate fizzling out to a storyline that didn’t have all that much going for it to begin with. The only upside: The episode refocused itself on Mulder and Scully’s relationship instead of the bigger conspiracy that not even it cared about anymore. A little anti-climactic maybe, but it made for a better X-Files overall. And it was a nice touch revealing that William was still alive at the end. Just to give us that classic “…or is it?” moment one more time.Mitch Pileggi (Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX)I’m really going to miss this show. It may not have ended on the best note, but at least the final “My Struggle” wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We can take comfort in the fact that we got two brand new seasons consisting mostly of classic-feeling X-Files. It’s been fun going back and seeing that Mulder and Scully can still suss out conspiracies, fight monsters and banter with the best of them. Chris Carter keeps going back and forth on whether or not he’d make more without Gillian Anderson. I hope he doesn’t. This season overall was the best farewell to the show we could ask for. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. 11 Great TV Shows With Terrible EndingsBuy This Comic: The X-Files: Case Files – Flordia Man #1 center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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