ICTSI Inks Deal to Operate Two Papua New Guinea Ports

first_imgPhilippine-based International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) has signed two 25-year agreements to operate the international ports in Motukea and Lae in Papua New Guinea (PNG).ICTSI said that the terminal operating agreements were signed by ICTSI’s PNG subsidiaries, Motukea International Terminal Limited (MITL) and South Pacific International Container Terminal Limited (SPICTL), with the PNG state-owned enterprise, PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL).The contract scope covers the operation, management, and development of the two ports.As agreed, MITL shall provide and deploy cranes, berth and yard equipment for the Port of Motukea. Newly developed and situated near Port Moresby, the Port of Motukea is envisioned to service all port and shipping activities previously done at Port Moresby.On the other hand, SPICTL shall provide and deploy cranes, berth and yard equipment at the Port of Lae. The port is the largest container handling facility in PNG.Just last week, ICTSI went on to buy a 34.83% stake in the Manila North Harbour Port Incorporated (MNHPI) for USD 34.5 million.The port operator said the purchase would allow ICTSI to “contribute its experience, expertise and state-of the-art technology and infrastructure” to enhance the operational efficiency of the domestic terminal in the Port of Manila and improve the traffic condition in Metro Manila.last_img read more

The case for age verification for pornography sites

first_imgVarious people have observed that the internet is the biggest social experiment in history. We owe it to our children not to insist that they are unwitting, involuntary guinea pigs.To put that slightly differently, we cannot say we will wait 20 years or so to see how things turned out for this generation before deciding what to do to ensure the next is not damaged in a similar way.In the EU Kids Online survey exposure to pornography came out as the No 1 issue kids found upsetting in terms of materials they were exposed to online.By any standards there is enough evidence to suggest porn may be causing significant harm to children, particularly younger and vulnerable children. It is therefore simply unacceptable to say, in effect, we must do nothing until the matter is conclusively and finally settled beyond all reasonable doubt. Only then will it be acceptable to seek to mitigate or reduce the likely consequences of children being exposed to porn.There are very few areas of scientific or academic enquiry where the evidence is not disputed. If we waited until there was 100% agreement about everything and never tried anything new until there was zero doubt about the probable outcomes we would probably all still be living in the Rift Valley herding cows.The precautionary principle therefore dictates we must have regard to the evidence of the possibility of harm and, unless and until there is a widely accepted body of evidence to the contrary, we are obliged to take proportionate steps to avoid the reasonable apprehension of predictable harm.Anyone who thinks online porn can be a useful or worthwhile source of advice, guidance or information about sex and relationships plainly hasn’t seen any of it.It is easier to make the argument for introducing age verification in respect of younger children and the risk of accidental exposure, but in fact all under 18s have a right to be protected and to understand where the boundaries are and why those boundaries exist.Older teens might be more likely to want to engage with porn but the very fact that difficult to circumvent boundaries and technical controls are in place will cause them to pause and reflect and that is likely to change the nature of their experience or engagement with any porn they do encounter.We agree that porn consumers have a right to have their privacy properly safeguarded.Age verification does not promise to deal with accidental or intentional exposure to all forms of porn everywhere e.g. porn that might be exchanged via Bluetooth, messaging Apps or on thumb drives or be created using cameras in phones. Rather age verification addresses the easy accessibility of  the gigantic quantities of pornography published by commercial concerns on the internet. This is the dominant form.Sadly there is no silver bullet that catches all porn everywhere, but that is no reason to refuse to act where you can have an impact.Age verification is about the responsibility of the publishers of pornography. They all say they don’t want children to access their wares but hitherto they have done little or nothing actually to prevent it.This was because they weren’t required to and even if an individual company might have been inclined to do something about it they were worried that unless everyone was under the same obligation to act at the same time they could lose business to less fastidious competitors. This is exactly how it worked with online gambling in the UK.Age verification should not be conflated or confused with the use of filters. Families might want to use filters to restrict access to all kinds of materials that conflict with their values or they might not want to use them at all. That still does not give porn publishers the right to expose under age youngsters to their products.Even if a family uses filters at home their children may end up in friends’ houses or other places where filters are not in use. Again that does not give  porn publishers the right to expose under age youngsters to their products.An age verification law is really about establishing a new normative value. It is saying it is not OK for porn publishers to make their products available without taking meaningful steps to ensure children cannot see them.It is also saying that the realities of our modern lives and the challenges of parenting in the digital age mean it is unfair and unreasonable to put the responsibility solely or even largely on parents to protect their kids from stuff that shouldn’t be there in the first place. The porn industry should not be creating extra burdens for parents.Least of all should porn companies feel unmoved or unconcerned about the idea of making money from showing porn to kids.People argue kids will get around whatever you try. That is an argument for doing nothing, for preserving the status quo.  Cui bono? Yet the evidence (see page 16) suggests most kids do not  know how to get around blocks and even  among those that do only a small proportion (6%) actually bother.It is a convenient myth that every child is a super-cool internet user who knows every  technical trick in the book and wants to break every rule or ignore every boundary.That said it will be important to keep track of technological developments and changes in the porn market to ensure the regulators stay up to date and relevant and are sufficiently nimble so they can swiftly address any circumvention strategies which might appear at scale.READ MORE: https://johnc1912.wordpress.com/2018/04/29/the-case-for-age-verification-for-pornography-sites/ Desiderata 29 April 2018Children’s organizations and children’s interests led from the outsetIn the UK we have a number of large and extremely well known children’s organizations. Some are substantial bodies employing thousands of people and can trace their roots back to the mid  19th Century. They have Royal patrons, are highly respected and respectable, often with internationally recognized expertise across a broad range of child welfare, child development, protection and educational issues.  Moreover – and this was hugely important – they are resolutely secular. On internet policy they co-operate through a specially constructed coalition which has existed since 1999. I am its Secretary.We were 100% pragmatic and stayed completely focused on harm to children. Obviously we had support from feminist and religious groups and that was welcome but they were in no way involved in shaping our tactics, strategy or messaging.At no point did we say that we thought all porn was bad in and of itself, although we did point out that a great many people probably had a somewhat dated idea of what today’s online porn is like i.e. predominantly it depicts anti-female violence and promotes a completely unreal set of ideas about sex and relationships.The new lawThe Digital Economy Act, 2017 established that commercial pornography sites that publish into the UK must introduce age verification measures to restrict access by children. The so-called “free” sites were a key target of the legislation. These are, in truth, highly successful businesses. They don’t charge at the door, so to speak, they collect their revenues in other ways.The new  law will be operational towards the end of this year. There are two regulators.What is porn?The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has the primary regulatory role.Like the children’s organizations referred to earlier the BBFC is an extremely well known and trusted brand. An independent organization that has been in existence for over 100 years, the BBFC’s business is analyzing, classifying and describing every kind of content, including pornography. It has a child protection mission.The BBFC’s principal regulatory task is to determine whether or not a qualifying site has put in place robust age verification measures that work. If they haven’t the BBFC has a range of tools at its disposal to encourage compliance. Ultimately the BBFC has a legal power to require ISPs and other access providers to block non-compliant sites. It is not thought this blocking power will be used very often because the sites are likely to comply. If they don’t their revenues will be hit. They care deeply about revenues.As a matter of fact because the porn sites will be able to guarantee they have an adult audience in the UK, porn companies may even find they become more profitable. They will need less bandwidth to service their sites and since their visitors will have money and the means to spend it, advertisers may be prepared to pay more. This is an example of the doctrine of unintended consequences at work. Hey ho.Privacy is vitalThe other regulator with skin in the game is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data protection authority. Its task is to ensure age verification solutions respect people’s privacy rights.A key legal principle is data minimization i.e. the  only thing a porn publisher needs to  know is whether or not an individual who wishes to access their site  has been reliably verified as being over 18. A number of companies are springing up to provide age verification services that can be used across a range of adult products, not just porn e.g. for gambling, buying alcohol, tobacco and knives. Thus, going through an age verification process does not mark you out as being into porn. It just shows that you may sometimes engage with a range of items which are associated with an age restriction.Porn sites do not need to know or retain your name, your actual age, address or credit card number. All the porn site needs to know is that this particular log-in has been verified as belonging to someone who is 18 or above. The new system can therefore be seen as being privacy enhancing in a number of respects.Getting agreement to actFirst key political point: the measure went through the UK Parliament with all-Party support.  However, it has to be said that winning the personal support and engagement of the previous Prime Minister was crucial in getting the ball rolling. Neither he nor his successor tried to use attitudes to porn and protecting children as a means of scoring points and the opposition parties adopted a similar stance. This was important. If the draft measure had become heavily politicised in Party terms it would probably have failed.Second key political point:  in lobbying for the measure  we got the backing of major, mainstream newspapers and within Parliament a group of talented women Parliamentarians devoted a lot of time and energy to the subject over several years.Without in any way doubting the sincerity or commitment to the principle behind the measure on the part of the Prime Ministers and the other politicians,  it certainly did no harm to our cause to have the sustained support of major media outlets.You have to listen to the other sideFree speech and civil rights groups were heavily involved in trying to get the measure defeated or neutered. That is their job. It is both wrong and counterproductive to portray them as heartless, nihilistic anarchists who do not care about children. The great majority of them do care but have genuinely held reservations about the methods being proposed. We have to address those reservations not just shout them down and refuse to  hear. Some of what a number of them said definitely influenced me even though I thought others were too quick and too ready to misrepresent what was going on and why.While I completely reject the idea that protecting children from pornography is in any way about promoting censorship – no legal content that is on the internet today will not be there tomorrow –  it has to be acknowledged that whenever politicians get involved in subjects of this kind people are entitled to be nervous.Some regimes and a number of groups do not want anyone in their country, or anywhere else for that matter, to be able to access  pornography, and they might have a very broad definition of what constitutes pornography. We never argued adults should not have a right to access pornographic content.Our only point was that children should not be able to get at it so easily.A tiny amount of hassle is unavoidableAge verification  in the UK undeniably will create a minor inconvenience, i.e. adults will have to go through a process, but they already do this in many other areas, online and off. It is the inescapable but essentially  trivial price we pay to achieve a desirable social goal. The age verification solutions that are being developed for use in Britain can be completed easily and rapidly. In other countries with better developed online infrastructures it might  be even simpler to get confirmation that someone is over 18.Technical measures are not a substitute for sex and relationships educationAge verification in respect of pornography sites is NOT an alternative to or a substitute for children and young people receiving age appropriate advice and guidance about sex and relationships, both at home and at school or indeed via thoughtfully prepared educational resources available online. This continues to be of vital importanceHowever, age verification is an important complementary component. Inter alia, it helps show children that, as with alcohol, gambling and similar, a serious effort is being made to ensure the laws and norms mean something. The advice given by parents, teachers and others in respect of porn is not merely “virtue signalling”. It is not something to which grown-ups  pay lip service without it truly being meant to be taken seriously.Bringing the physical and virtual worlds into closer alignmentAge verification for porn sites helps bring about a closer alignment between the physical world and the virtual one. We don’t have one set of rules and expectations which apply in one place but not the other.Campaigning pointslast_img read more

Convicted meth dealer receives 50 year sentence

first_imgLawrenceburg, IN—Billy Joe Conn, Jr., 35, of Harrison, Ohio was sentenced Thursday after being convicted by a Dearborn County jury on July 3rd.Conn Jr.’s charges stemmed from his vehicle being stopped on I-74 with over 1 pound of methamphetamine in August of 2018. Based on Conn Jr.’s prior criminal history which consisted of fourteen (14) prior felony convictions and the nature of this offense, he was sentenced to 50 years in the IndianaDepartment of Corrections.Conn, Jr. was convicted by a jury of Dealing in Methamphetamine and found to be a Habitual Offender, a Sentencing Enhancement after a three-day jury trial. Conn, Jr. had faced a maximum sentence of up to 50 years between the Level 2 Felony and the Habitual Offender Enhancement.In sentencing Conn, Jr., Judge James D. Humphrey of Dearborn Circuit Court noted that Conn, Jr. had an extensive criminal history including fourteen(14) prior felony convictions and ten (10) prior misdemeanor convictions in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, including spending time in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction on unrelated charges of Illegal Manufacturing of Drugs and Drug Trafficking. Conn, Jr. was also on felonyprobation at the time he committed this offense.last_img read more

Botham and Atherton laud Windies win as one for the times

first_imgLEEDS, England (CMC) – Two noted legends of English cricket have hailed the West Indies’ stunning second Test win over England at Headingley as one of the finest sporting triumphs in recent memory.Ian Botham, arguably England’s greatest cricketer of all-time, and Michael Atherton, one of their most capped players and captains, showered praise on Jason Holder’s team after their fearless and fascinating triumph at the historic ground on Tuesday.Chasing 322 for victory on the final day, West Indies pulled off a remarkable five-wicket win, 11 days following a humiliating innings defeat inside three days in the first Test at Edgbaston.Writing in The Times newspaper yesterday, Atherton said most observers expected a shellacking but the Windies changed the narrative and performed “a resurrection … of a once-proud cricketing nation fallen on hard times.”“This was one of the great modern Test matches, one that produced a truly astonishing result,” Atherton wrote.“In my time watching, playing and commentating on Test cricket I cannot think of a bigger upset when taking into account the low expectations for a team with a horrendous away record who had subsided to a three-day defeat only the week before.”Botham echoed the sentiments of many over the world when he noted: “What Test cricket needs is a vibrant West Indian team. They bring everything – the colour, the party atmosphere.“After being totally embarrassed at Birmingham, something they would have been devastated about, Windies managed to pick themselves up. It was great to watch and for Windies to show guts like that was a top performance.”Botham, a highly-respected pundit with Sky Sports, was speaking at the venue where he performed one of cricket’s greatest feats – a back-to-the-wall century against Australia in the 1981 Ashes.Atherton, who is also a Sky Sports pundit, is familiar with the cricketing landscape in the Caribbean, having toured the region on two occasions, and also lived in Barbados.“There were many heroes of the hour: (Jason) Holder, the young captain, who took the criticism full on after Edgbaston, and who batted with real authority when West Indies were wobbling in their first innings, and then bowled with heart and discipline throughout; Shannon Gabriel, who returned to lead the attack as a strike bowler should; but most of all two young batsmen around whom the semblance of a sturdy Test match batting line-up can be glimpsed,” Atherton wrote.“Kraigg Brathwaite, from Wanderers Cricket Club and Combermere School, the alma mater of Sir Frank Worrell, and Shai Hope, of Pickwick Cricket Club and, latterly and briefly, of Bede’s School in East Sussex, led the charge, following up their hundreds in the first innings with magnificent contributions in the second.“They were partners in both innings for 390 runs, more than half their team’s total in the match, and they were the rocks upon which England’s ship foundered.”Hope, a stylish 23-year-old right-hander, stroked an unbeaten 118 to follow up his first innings 147, in the process becoming the first batsman to score twin hundreds at Headingley in 127 years of first class cricket at the venue.Opener Brathwaite made 134 in the first innings and 95 in the second.last_img read more

Guyana U-17 Jaguars in Florida for CONCACAF U-17 Championships

first_imgA strong 20-man Guyana U-17 boys’ national squad departed for Florida yesterday, ahead of the nation’s debut at the CONCACAF  U-17 Championship, following a final encampment at the Leonora Stadium over the weekend.The U-17 squad, which beat Elite League side Den Amstel 2-1 in a friendly match at the GFF National Training Centre on Saturday, is set to compete in Group C at the IMG Complex against El Salvador tomorrow at 10:00hrs, Honduras on Friday at 16:00hrs and Haiti at 10:00hrs on Sunday (May 5).The team’s Head Coach, Gilbert Sampson, revealed “There is great chemistry and continuity in this current crop of players, building on the U-15 group that was successful at the 2017 Squaliga Cup and talent from the GFF’s nationwide Academy Training Centres, where we have been developing our young players in line with the GFF’s national playing philosophy”.“We know we are going up against teams that have a reputation at this level, but we know that we can compete with those teams. We are looking forward to going as far as possible in the tournament; getting out of the group is the first target and then taking each game as it comes.”The Guyana U-17s are ranked 18th in CONCACAF and have been in training since early March with up to five sessions per week at the National Training Centre (Providence) and practice matches against local club teams.The CONCACAF tournament schedule clashes with some CSEC examination dates, meaning that participating Caribbean nations have had to tailor their preparations and squad selection around the availability of players.“Education has to go hand in hand with football,” Gilbert noted. “We are working with the parents to alleviate the situation so that as many of our children can benefit from playing at this level but also perform properly in their exams.”As part of this arrangement, some players in the U-17 squad will return to Guyana after the second group match against Honduras while some others will be unavailable for selection due to exam commitments, should Guyana progress to the next round.“We wish our boys all the very best as they prepare to represent their country at this level for the first time in our history,” said GFF President Wayne Forde. He continued; “With this age group, we recognize that it is important for each of the players to learn as much as they can from this valuable regional exposure as we continue to develop them through the academies and within our national pathway.”“We believe a significant number of these players have the attitude and ability to grow into top players in the region in the years ahead, and we are looking forward to seeing them make a big statement of intent against some tough opposition in Florida this month.”The CONCACAF U-17 Championships will be broadcast live in Guyana via Flow Sports.The Squad is as follows: Goalkeepers: Shawn Adonis, Oswin Fredericks, Ronaldo BlairDefenders: Jermaine Padmore, Marcus Wilson, Nicholai Andrews, Joshua Braithwaite, Wayne DaSilva, Kevin ReddyMidfielders: Jamar Harrigan, Tyrell Khan, Isiah James, Osafa Simpson, William Vaughan, Shannon SamnauthForwards: Shoran James, Omari Glasgow, Ronaldo Rodrigues, Ravon Bayley, Orville Danielslast_img read more

Raiders mock draft 2019: Predicting picks, NFL Draft plan, sleepers for Oakland

first_imgFinal thoughts:The Raiders have had some logic take over in their rebuild to help heal the emotional scars that came from cutting ties with Mack and Cooper. Gruden had a vision for how he wanted to win again in Oakland, and Mayock has been key in fine-tuning that vision.Given Mayock’s immense prospect evaluation experience, expect the Raiders to go for foundation over flash in the 2019 NFL Draft. The only thing that could throw off that plan is desperation, especially at QB. The 2019 NFL Draft has not yet arrived, but the Raiders have already had an eventful offseason. New general manager Mike Mayock has been aggressive in his efforts to help coach Jon Gruden overhaul Oakland’s roster.The Raiders’ splashiest move this year was trading for wide receiver Antonio Brown, and they did it without giving up one of their three first-round NFL Draft picks. Beyond Brown, Oakland landed two more offensive starters in left tackle Trent Brown and No. 2 wideout Tyrell Williams. The Raiders also were busy defensively, adding linebackers Brandon Marshall and Vontaze Burfict, plus safety LaMarcus Joyner. Day 2 plan:The Raiders are in a rare situation with fewer picks on the NFL Draft’s second night than the amount they have in Round 1, with “only” No. 35 at their disposal. Because many of their glaring needs can be addressed with some top talent, they should go into best player available mode in Round 2 and not be tied to any particular position.The Raiders should think about further boosting wide receiver with a big target such as N.C. State’s Kelvin Harmon, Iowa State’s Hakeem Butler or Stanford’s J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. After trading Kelechi Osemele to the Jets, guard should be a consideration from Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom, Wisconsin’s Michael Dieter or MIssissippi State’s Elgton Jenkins. The best safety values also lie in that range in this draft with Virginia’s Juan Thornhill and Iowa’s Amani Hooker being good fits for the Raiders.Day 3 sleeper:L.J. Scott, RB, MIchigan StateThe Raiders might not see more of Lynch, but should they not invest in a back with one of their first five picks, Scott (6-0, 227 pounds) would be that same kind of old-school, big bruiser. A workhorse for the Spartans, Scott would be better used in an NFL timeshare. He and Crowell could please Gruden as a power back duo as the Raiders continue to employ Jalen Richard as the receiving change of pace. Second-guessing that plan:The Raiders might not see Allen fall to them at No. 4, in which case they likely would turn their defensive-minded decision to Alabama’s Quinnen Williams for tackle, Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat for the edge or Michigan’s Rashan Gary to give them inside-outside versatility up front.At No. 24, instead of running back, the Raiders could go after the defensive tackle or edge rusher they didn’t get at No. 4. Clemson’s Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins could be both in play, and Florida State’s Brian Burns is a good value should Oakland’s earlier pick not be Allen or Sweat.At No. 27, the Raiders might have a shot at another corner such as Georgia’s DeAndre Baker. Or they could think about a tight end, most likely Alabama’s Irv Smith or Iowa’s Noah Fant. The Raiders do not need to jump on Jacobs or another offensive skill player early, and their going defense with all three first-round picks is just as likely.The bottom line: The Raiders are in the driver’s seat in the first round and should not need to reach for impact. It will be hard for them to go wrong unless they give up one of the picks to unnecessarily address a certain marquee position.IYER: How Raiders aced free agencyDon’t be surprised if …… the Raiders draft Kyler Murray or another quarterback early or late in Round 1. Oakland is a bit handcuffed with Carr unless it can find a trade partner to take on his contract for 2019  But that doesn’t mean Oakland would not target its true future franchise passer.The Cardinals are most enamored with Murray and his dynamic passing and athleticism, but Gruden and the Raiders are a close second. However, Oakland can only get Murray if Arizona stays at No. 1 overall and passes on him. The question, then, would be whether the Raiders would trade up for Murray, worried some other team will make a deal with the 49ers at No. 2 or the Jets at No. 3 and land the QB ahead of them.Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins should be available at No. 4, however, and there’s a chance Missouri’s Drew Lock will be around for at least the No. 24 pick. Having pick No. 27, too, gives the Raiders a way to move slightly up the board to get Lock late in the round.To QB or not to QB — that is the question that will set the tone for the Raiders’ entire draft. All signs point to their not going QB being the better play. SN’s NFL DRAFT HQ:Iyer’s mock draft | Live pick tracker | TV scheduleThe big spending is a good start for the Raiders in 2019, but there is a lot of work to be done when they’re on the clock in the NFL Draft, starting April 25.What might Mayock and Gruden be thinking as the team tries to maximize the value of its 8 picks? Here is a deep dive into the Raiders’ draft plan.Raiders NFL Draft picksRoundPickFirstNo. 4FirstNo. 24 (from Bears)FirstNo. 27 (from Cowboys)SecondNo. 35FourthNo. 106FifthNo. 140 (from Jets)SeventhNo. 218SeventhNo. 235 (from Seahawks)Raiders NFL Draft team needsEdge rusher: The Raiders need to rev up their ability to get to the quarterback, and defensive end is a real deficiency in Paul Guenther’s 4-3 scheme. Cornerback: They brought back Daryl Worley and signed Nevin Lawson for their nickel package, but they need to consider a starting option opposite Gareon Conley for their cover-2 zone.Running back: The Raiders chose not to re-sign Doug Martin, and Marshawn Lynch still needs more time to decide whether he wants to keep playing. Isaiah Crowell was added, but he is a limited power back.Linebacker: Marshall and Burfict provide two veteran flyers to play the middle and weak side, respectively, but the Raiders need someone who can cover a lot of ground and defend the pass on the strong side.Tight end: The Raiders saw Jared Cook leave for the Saints in free agency after a career year and are down to blocker Lee Smith as their top option at the position, which has been a key target for Derek Carr.Safety: Joyner shores up free safety, and the new regime seems to be warming up more to 2016 first-rounder Karl Joseph. So this has become more of a depth need in the short term.Raiders mock draft 2019First-round plan:No. 4: Josh Allen, DE/OLB, KentuckyThe Raiders’ replacement for Khail Mack will be available for the taking should the Jets go in a different direction with the No. 3 overall pick. Allen has a great history of production and an inexhaustible quiver of pass-rush moves. He also can drop back and make plays in coverage, meaning Oakland can think about using him as a hybrid player like it once did with Mack.No. 24: Josh Jacobs, RB, AlabamaRegardless of whether there will be more of Beast Mode in Oakland in 2019, Jacobs is a worthy second first-rounder as a complete back. He has a compact frame (5-10, 220 pounds) to go with his combination of smarts, vision, power and elusiveness. The Raiders have lacked an every-down option at running back for a while.No. 27: Byron Murphy, CB, WashingtonAt 5-11, 190 pounds, Murphy is built like Conley and can provide the Raiders a smooth, technically sound, physical corner. He can close on receivers and make plays on the ball to complement Conley’s ballhawking.MORE: Full NFL mock draft for 2019last_img read more

Jose Mourinho to coach Muhamed Besic in Everton?

first_imgAlthough the arrival of Jose Mourinho in Manchester United is considered as “finished job”, things are not so simple.Apparently at Old Trafford are no longer sure whether they want to fire the current coach Louis van Gaal, especially after the Dutchman took them to the semi-finals of the FA Cup.In fact, Van Gaal’s destiny will be determined by the placement in the championship, whether Manchester United will get the placement in the Champions League or not.Meanwhile, Everton is trying to take advantage of indecisiveness of Manchester United. Iranian Farhad Moshiri, the new majority owner of the club from Goodison, has big plans.He is ready to allocate huge funds for new players, and according to the Sunday People, Moshiri sent a generous offer to the famous Portuguese coach.(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)last_img read more

Representatives of Bosnia-Herzegovina in eEURO2020 visited Football Federation

first_imgThe umbrella European football organization UEFA introduced the first European e-football championship last year.UEFA eEURO 2020 will be played exclusively through the KONAMI eFootball PES 2020 platform, the content of which will be based on the 2020 European Championship.The current champion and vice-champion of Bosnia-Herzegovina at Pro Evolution Soccer, Feđa Đedović and Igor Zečević visited the Football Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina today.Through the KONAMI Online eEuro 2020 Qualification at Pro Evolution Soccer, this duo succeeded Bosnia and Herzegovina to qualify for the first European Championship, where they will have representatives from Switzerland, Northern Macedonia, Moldova and Kazakhstan in Group C for their opponents.Đedovic and Zečević met with the FF BH general secretary Adnan Džemidžić and the executive director of the administration Nihad Hodžić to brief them on their successes in online and offline tournaments in playing the popular PES.The FF BH will support our representatives in this competition.last_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Friday, March 27 – Sunday, March 29, 2015

first_imgWellington Police Notes for Friday, March 27 to Sunday, March 29, 2015: Friday, March 27, 2015•6:57 a.m. Dylan M. Hay, 25, Wellington was arrested and confined on a Sumner County Warrant for probation violation for obstruction with law enforcement officers.•Haley N. Goodman, 26, Wellington was served a notice to appear for charges of theft.•Joshua L. Wright, 35, Wellington was served a notice to appear for charges of dog bite violation and dog at large.•11:57 a.m. Officers took a report of a missing person in the 1200 block N. B, Wellington.•12:18 p.m. Officers investigated criminal deprivation of property by a known suspect in the 500 block E. 16th, Wellington.•1:50 p.m. Aaron C. Sandell, 30, Wellington was arrested on a Sumner County Warrant for failure to appear for theft by deception.•Mickey L. Byers, 61, Wellington was served a notice to appear for charges of leaving the scene of unattended property accident.•Gabriel Bacques, HM, 37, Wellington was served a notice to appear for charges of unlawful use of driver’s license.•5:20 p.m. Officers investigated driving while license is suspended in the 300 block N. Plum, Wellington.•5:20 p.m. Jesse L. Mashburn, 32, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for driving while license is suspended.•5:30 p.m. Juvenile male, 17, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective muffler.•8:25 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 1000 block W. College, Wellington. Saturday, March 28, 2015•1:15 a.m. Officers investigated a theft of cell phone in the 100 block N. High Dr, Wellington.•1:44 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of vehicle ramps in the 500 block W. 11th, Wellington.•8:23 p.m. Forrest M. Culp, 23, Salado, Texas was issued a notice to appear for illegal registration.•8:35 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 800 block S. Jefferson, Wellington.•9:05 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 700 block N. Gardner, Wellington.•10:35 p.m. Cory W. Lira, 33, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective tag light and no proof of insurance. Sunday, March 29, 2015•12:36 a.m. Officers investigated driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to stop at accident and improper driving on laned roadway.•12:36 a.m. Injury, hit and run accident in the 500 block W. 16th, Wellington involving a vehicle operated by Paul B. Greenleaf Jr,32, Wellington and fixed objects owned by the city of Wellington.•1:23 a.m. Paul B. Greenleaf Jr, 32, Wellington was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to stop at accident and improper driving on lane roadway.•10 a.m. Officers took a report of an animal bite in the 1300 block Western, Wellington.•3:15 p.m. Officers took a report of a runaway in the 1000 block W. Shady Lane, Wellington.•8:51 p.m. Officers investigated criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct in the 2000 block. N. Madison, Wellington.•8:51 p.m. Officers took a report of a child in need of care in the 2000 block N. Madison, Wellington.•11:10 p.m. Officers investigated obstruction of law enforcement by a known suspect(s) in the 1000 block W. College, Wellington.last_img read more

Rumson Garden Club Hosts White House Entertaining Talk

first_imgRUMSON – The Rumson Garden Club is hosting a talk and demonstration by Claire Guadagno, writer, educator and historian, at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, at Bingham Hall, 40 Bingham Ave.Guadagno will give an illustrated lecture on “Entertain­ing at the White House. “ She will describe the lives of the first ladies, their roles in the political spotlight and their approach to the demands as first hostess of the Executive Mansion. Guagagno’s talk will highlight the artistry, skills and tips of White House flower-arranging. Attendees will learn how to create a centerpiece and entertain in a fashion that will impress friends, family and visiting dignitaries.Donations for the Sea Bright Dune Grass Replenish­ment will be accepted.A box lunch from the Flaky Tart will be available for $12, payable at the door. To reserve a lunch, please email jeanneshanley@hotmail.com by Friday, Feb. 15.last_img read more