Michel D’Hooghe: “Playing football is risky even behind closed doors”

first_imgSoccer is a contact sport: “Soccer has always been a contact sport. The first rule in all countries is to avoid physical contact. I find it difficult to be able to play a soccer match while staying two meters from my opponent. This is the first consideration.”Avoid meeting people: “The second is that we should avoid gathering groups of people. The players are on the field and in the locker room. And then there are thousands of fans who are going to watch the game. Even if we decide to play behind closed doors, there will still be risks. We have seen in the past that groups of fans gather to watch the game privately. “ Michel D’Hooghe, FIFA Chief Medical Officer, has shown again this Friday his concern about the possibility of football competitions being resumed and he has argued the three main aspects that make him supporter of football not restarting to end the season.Infected and deceased: “In the world we see a large number of people infected and people who die from coronavirus every day. Even young people. And that is why we have to be concerned about the possibility of soccer competitions being resumed.”last_img read more

Govt want a proper functioning Integrity Commission – Granger

first_imgPresident David Granger has stated that the Administration is working on “tightening” the legislations governing the operations of the Integrity Commission, pointing out that they cannot go ahead with what obtained previously.He told reporters on his weekly programme ‘The Public Interest’, which aired on Friday, that he expects the legislation to be tabled in the National Assembly before the end of the year.“We are looking at tightening the legislation to make sure that persons who may have committed illegal acts are actually prosecuted. Right now, it does not happen so we are working on the legislation, it will be brought to Cabinet and I expect before the end of this year, there will be a functioning Integrity Commission… We want a proper functioning Commission,” the Head of State said.The President further stated that the Administration is going to create functional laws and functional organisational structure.“Right now, what we inherited from the previous Administration is unworkable and you can see the attempts the previous Administration made, appointing chairpersons, it was poorly funded, poorly administered and it was just a dysfunctional organisation. So give us time but the work has to be correct, we cannot go into it with what we had before,” he remarked.According to the Head of State, in the past, the Commission operated like a “post office”. He noted that persons would submit their returns but no action was taken. The Commission which is responsible for accountability of persons holding public office has been without a Chairman for some time and has reportedly been functioning with a skeletal staff. It is functioning under a CEO and a very small staff and a very limited budget. Based on the Commission’s Act, the Commission’s staff should comprise a Chairman, three Commissioners, a Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, an Accounts Clerk, a Clerical Officer, a Receptionist, an Office Assistant and a Cleaner. However, Guyana Times understands that almost half of these positions are vacant. From the beginning of the Integrity Commission’s mission, the People’s National Congress stymied its effectiveness when it refused to accept Bishop Randolph George as Chairman. The party refused to submit information on assets and other personal financial transactions. The Alliance For Change followed their lead after it was formed. In the meantime, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and other smaller parties made submissions.Government had said there is still some work that has to be done on the Commission. President Granger noted that while he recently held talks with staff members, which included a Chief Executive Officer, the question is the appointment of Commissioners.On the other hand, in pushing transparency among public officials, the PPP/Civic Opposition had proposed a motion to have Ministers’ tax records and statements be made available to the Integrity Commission and be released to the public. However, that motion was defeated by Government. On the other hand, Opposition Leader Bharat Jagdeo had stated that he has already declared all his assets to the Integrity Commission and is willing to disclose his international possessions as well, if Government is prepared to follow suit.last_img read more

Defense Counsel Jason Doe Solves: The Case of the Money Changer

first_imgCharacters in This Story:George Dean—-The money changer who was murdered.Sami Young—–Accused for killing Dean but insisted he was innocentGilbert Solo—-The prosecutor who wanted Young’s headRobert Joe——Prosecution witness who was set to damn the accusedJason Doe——The Defense lawyer who believed his client was as innocent as he claimedElizabeth Sackor—The judge who wanted fairness in her court.Janet Lovrbird—Private Secretary of Jason DoeGeorge Jebor—Retired Police OfficerIt was a case that many thought had come at the wrong time. The preoccupation of Monrovians was the expulsion of the Ebola Virus that had invaded and ravaged the country and everywhere there were buckets of chlorine for hand-washing to fight the virus. Ebola was now the grim reaper and its victims were increasing by the day.It was at this period that newspapers reported the robbery and murder of George Dean, a 26-year-old money changer, of Sinkor, a suburb of Monrovia. What increased interest in the case was the arrest and confession of the alleged murderer as well as the fact that the famous trial lawyer Jason Doe had been hired by the defendant. So when the case opened, despite the Ebola fear in Monrovia, the courtroom was packed with many who were simply there to witness how the renowned counselor’s classic cross-examination would unravel the truth in the case. With a reported confession, many Monrovians felt that this could be the case that the famous Jason Doe could not crack at the preliminary trial. And after two weeks the witness, who many believed, had the trump card to send the defendant to face his doom would be cross-examined by Jason Doe. Hundreds of spectators were seated at the courtroom in a case described by metropolitan newspapers as the ‘Case of the Money Changer.’It was in the final moments since the preliminary trial began in its third week, and Jason Doe seemed exasperated by the witness’ frustrating tactics.The lawyer regarded the witness for a moment, and frowned. “Sami Young is your friend?” he said, with a grin.The witness said, with a mixture of nonchalant, “He was my friend before.”“Is that yes, or no?”Shifting his position, the witness responded with apparent lack of affectation.“Yes.”“On the 15th of July,” the lawyer attempted a drive for the truth, “You claimed that you met the defendant at a secluded area on Bushrod Island?”“Yes,” he said, “and to be precise, it was near the St. Paul Bridge.”“You testified that the defendant told you that he had a plan to get free money?”“Yes.”“What was your response?”“I did not think it was any wrong way to get money,” the witness said, “and therefore I was prepared to go along.”“Your answer is yes?”“Uhuh.”“Until when did you begin to have second thoughts?”“Until I learned that he was using the Ebola situation to steal money.”“But U$5,000 was found in your room?”“It was planted there by someone.”“Who was that someone?”“I wish I know.”“Is that your answer?”“I can definitely say that it was the defendant.” “How did you know that since you are unable to give account of the U$5000 found concealed in your house?”Suddenly, the prosecutor was on his feet.“Your Honor,” Prosecutor Gilbert Solo said, “Counsel is trying to undermine the witness’ confidence as to how the money got to his room.“Counsel’s intent is to weaken the witness resolution to stick to the truth and as a result he would extract dubious information from him.”Judge Sackor turned her slightly bulging eyes back to the prosecutor. “How is that true?”“Counsel’s questions are too personal and I think he is being too dogmatic and unrealistic,” the prosecutor said.The judge lowered her head and stared at the prosecutor over her glasses and said, “Should the court understand that the defense should not elicit information regarding how the money got to the witness’ apartment?”“Not exactly, Your Honor,” Solo said, “but under the present circumstances and in such an intense cross-examination, counsel is being unfair.”The judge said conversationally, “The Court is on top of the situation and therefore I stipulate that the defense will continue the cross-examination of the witness.”“Thanks Your Honor,” the prosecutor said, bowing his head, as a bitter smile wedged at the corner of his mouth, for the blow resulting from the judge’s rebuke was not lost on the spectators, as a low but brief murmur of disapproval swept across the room.With a triumphant sneer of victory, Jason Doe pushed forward.“How did you know that the money was planted in your room, since you testified that you did not go along with the plan?”“Since he wanted me to be the fall guy, he apparently did that to implicate me.”“Robert Joe,” Jason Doe said, with a noticeable anger in his voice, “Why would he connect you in particular? Why was it that when police officers bumped into the money after a tip off, you claimed that the U$5000.00 came from your sister in the United States?”“Yes.”“Was the money from your sister?”“The police did not let me tell the story my own way.”Judge Elizabeth Sackor relaxed her tense posture.“Witness cannot eat his cake and have it and the Court is concerned with the witness’ apparent lack of what is going on in this courtroom and he must therefore not evade questions from the defense.”Jason Doe then relaxed, and sweeping his eyes across the spectators, repeated the question.“Was the money from your sister?”Fidgeting with his hands, the witness answered, “No.”“Where did the money come from?”“It was apparently planted by someone and the only person I can think of is the defendant.”“Why will he do that? Have you had a previous misunderstanding on anything?”“Not really,” he said, “but these days Liberia is hard and people can do anything. May be he is envious of me.”“How long have you known the defendant?”“I have seen him around, counselor, and nowadays people are doing all kinds of wicked deeds against people they don’t even know.”“Ok,” the lawyer considered his answer, “how does that fit in with the defendant, since in your own words, you have seen him around, suggesting that you don’t know each other. So where was the money found by the police?”“In my room.”Jason Doe’s face expressed some amusement at the witness’ answer and then said, “The police found the money in your room, did they not?”“Yes,” the witness said, putting his bandaged right hand behind his back, “if that is what you are asking.”Jason Doe smiled but it was Judge Sackor who reacted.“You want the court to believe that the defendant who was not found with any incriminating evidence was the brain behind the robbery and eventual murder of the money changer?”The witness showed an apparent misunderstanding of the question and stared at the judge in the face.Realizing his lack of response Jason Doe strolled to the defense table and after examining through some papers, returned to the witness. “Mr. Joe,” he said, “what happened to your bandaged right hand? Is it not correct that you sustained an injury during the attack on the victim, as you masterminded the entire episode?“Is it also not true that you have made several requests to the decedent to borrow an amount of money like the one found hidden in your room?”The two questions were apparently unexpected and suddenly, beads of perspiration began to form on forehead. With his right bandaged hand still concealed behind him, he lifted his left hand and began to mop his face with the edge of his shirt’s sleeves.Sensing the situation, the clerk rushed to him with a bunch of paper towels, and for the next couple of minutes the courtroom waited in suspense as the witness struggled to get the increasing amount of sweat off his face without success.Judge Sackor decided to announce for ten minutes recess and invited both counsels to her chambers.WHEN court resumed ten minutes later, Judge Sackor took over proceedings and summarized the conclusion of the case.“The defense has shown that the witness knows more about the circumstances of the murder of the money changer than the man who is currently being accused.“The apparent motive to the murder unfortunately was because the decedent was unprotected in his money changing business.“It suggests to me that the practice of placing huge amount of money in various denominations in boots for exchange in the full glare of the general public needs to be discouraged.”After brief hesitation, the judge continued, “The tragic consequence of the death of the money changer could be identified on the fact that the witness and some of his accomplices apparently chose to murder him simply to take away the money that he sat behind.“In the wake of the foregoing, the Court is convinced that there is no probable cause to send this defendant to trial therefore he is ordered released and the witness held for further investigation.”THIRTY minutes later they assembled at criminal lawyer Jason Doe’s Benson Street private office, where former defendant Sami Young, the lawyer, his private secretary Janet Lovebird and a retired police officer, George Jebor examined the circumstances of the case, after each had washed their hands with chlorine water, at the entrance of the lawyer’s office.“Jason,” the retired officer said, “how did you know that the witness was the mastermind of the entire episode?”The lawyer grinned.“From the beginning of the case I was looking at the fact that my client had apparently joined the party to murder the victim for quick money.“It was only when the witness said someone might have planted the money into his room that I realized I was not making use of his own admission.”“But,” Janet Lovebird said, “was he really part of the murder party?”Smiling, the lawyer replied, “Absolutely and he was in fact the man responsible for the murder and it was the reason he sustained a heavy cut to his right hand.“Please remember that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare announced that Ebola’s presence in the country has, among its symptoms, vomiting, and so what really happened was that the witness led his party to the venue where the decedent did his money exchange business around 5:30p.m on the fateful day.“Due to an early afternoon rainfall many of the businesses in the area had packed for home leaving the decedent and few others, scattered about.“When the party arrived the witness informed the victim that he wanted to change U$20, the money he did not even have on him, then all of a sudden the witness began to tremble, and began to vomit, after he had inserted his fingers into his own mouth.“Afraid of the Ebola vomiting syndrome, the victim jumped up running and it was then that the witness and his party broke into the booth and they were making away with the money when the victim realized what was going on and chased after them.“The victim was struck over the head and stabbed at least three times on his chest but in the melee, he struck the witness right hand with a club nearby.”“What a dangerous way to steal money,” the retired officer said. “How did your client come to be part in the whole episode?”The lawyer, smiling said, “That was the clever part.“Two weeks after the incident, police intensified their investigations and someone somehow hinted them that the witness could be questioned.“The reason was that he had, before the robbery, sort the help of a couple of people who refused to participate in his deal, so the day after the police talked to him, he visited my client, and explained a phony story about his sister sending him money from the United States.“He had done that with a promise to offer my client U$5,000.00 but it was only when the death of the victim was announced that my client saw how dangerously close he had come to become part of such a dangerous plot.”Janet said, “That was too dangerous.”Smiling, Sami said, “It was foolish of me to have agreed to help him but I am thankful to God first and to Counselor Doe my innocence is proving.“I never thought that some friends can be so dangerous, but now that I know it gives me a sense of preparedness to be more wary of such people in the future.”The group burst out laughing, as Sami stood up and grabbed Counselor Doe’s hand and pumped it repeatedly. The evening weather felt cold and pleasant. A few scattered white tufts of cloud wandered across the blue sky.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

“Dangerous Precedent”

first_imgECC Chairman, Oscar Bloh — ECC describes postponement of Montserrado By-ElectionsThe Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), a civil society organization, has described as “dangerous precedents” the multiple postponements of the Montserrado County By-Elections, which could undermine the country’s emerging and fragile democracy.The ECC statement came in the wake of the two consecutive postponements of the pending senatorial and representative by-elections by the authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC). The second postponement announced by NEC was “indefinite”, pending the arrival of elections materials into the country.The Head of ECC Oscar Bloh, told reporters at a news conference in Monrovia on July 23 that the non-compliance to the rule of law further undermines the consolidation of peace and the fundamental principles of good governance and democracy.Mr. Bloh cited article 2 of the Liberian Constitution, which states: “Any law, treaty, status, decrees, customs and regulations found to be inconsistent with it shall, to the extent of this inconsistency, be void and of no legal effect.”He said the Supreme Court, pursuant to its power of judicial review, is empowered to declare any inconsistent laws unconstitutional.On Article 37 of the Constitution, Bloh said, it instructs and mandates the NEC to fill any vacancy in the Legislature not later than 90 days after the presiding officer shall have notified the Commission of said vacancy.The ECC therefore, calls on the government to make available the US$1 million to conduct the two by-elections on July 29, 2019 as the continuous postponement “undermines the rule of law and the constitution of Liberia.”Bloh, however, said the ECC will observe the by-elections to ensure the full deployment of 425 observers on election day, and will release a preliminary statement on its observation efforts July 29 and 30, 2019 respectively.He used the occasion to call on members of the 54th Legislature to strengthen its oversight over the NEC, noting, “we believe that the Commission should not be setting election date unless under extreme national emergencies sanctioned by the Legislature.”Mr. Bloh then calls on all political actors to refrain from the use of social media and inflammatory statements, which would eventually have the propensity to incite violence.“The consolidation of peace and security is dependent upon adherence to the rule of law. Therefore, we encourage all registered voters to turn out to vote in a peaceful manner,” said Bloh.The combined by-elections that is expected to replace the late Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif of Montserrado and the late Representative Adolph Lawrence Montserrado County Electoral District #15, was postponed on July 2 and 8, respectively, due to “non-availability of electoral materials,” NEC said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Flyers win 8-1 over the Hythe Mustangs

first_imgFlyers win 8-1 over the Hythe Mustangs The Senior Flyers went to Hythe on Thursday night, looking to put a halt to a mini slump, but it was the Mustangs that would score the first goal of the game.  Mike Shipton was attempting to clear the puck, when it hit the referee and bounced right to Ryan Lizotte in the slot.  Lizotte fired it past Hunt, to put the Mustangs in front.  The Flyers were quick to retaliate, scoring two quick goals (45 secs apart – scored by Adam Loncan on a nice feed from Paul Wiens, and Paul Wiens on a shot from the point), and by the end of the 1st period the score was 2-1 Flyers.In the second period the Flyers poured on the offence, with Ian Munro, Bryan Lewis, Todd Alexander, and Jeff Fast all beating Darren Walker, to put Fort St. John up 6-1.- Advertisement -In the final period the Flyers scored 2 more goals, courtesy of Paul Wiens and Jeff Fast (the second of the game for both), for an 8-1 win.Troy Hunt had the win in goal, with Fort St. John going 2 for 2 on the powerplay.  In all, it was a faster and more physical game than some of their recent contests, leaving Coach Adam Brash a little more pleased with his team. Listen to this highlights package:Advertisement [asset|aid=901|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=ad3a2e5c4f59d0ff3b73539da7869eba-Flyers win 8-1 over Hythe Mustangs_1_Pub.mp3]The Flyers round out their season on Saturday night, as they visit the Spirit River Rangers.  The game starts at 8:30, and will again be broadcast on MooseFM.last_img read more

Bus carrying team tumbles off overpass

first_imgOn the 1,150-student campus in Bluffton, about 50 miles south of Toledo, students and community residents – some wiping away tears – filled the gymnasium to grieve and learn more about what happened. When news of the crash appeared on television, students desperately tried to reach some of the athletes on their cell phones. Sophomore Courtney Minnich said that at a college as small as Bluffton, “even if you didn’t know everybody, it will hurt, because you’ve seen them on campus.” Megan Barker, a sophomore, said she knew just about everyone on the team and described them as “a fun-loving group of guys.” She added: “They live as a family.” Classes were canceled, along with other sports trips that had been scheduled during next week’s spring break. A candlelight vigil was held Friday evening. Airlines also arranged for the players’ parents to fly to Atlanta for free. ATLANTA – A small college in Ohio was thrown into mourning Friday after a bus carrying the baseball team tumbled over the side of a highway overpass and slammed onto the pavement 30 feet below, killing four students, the driver and his wife. The team from the close-knit, Mennonite-affiliated Bluffton University was making its annual spring training trip to Florida before daybreak when the charter bus crashed, scattering bags of baseball equipment across the road and splattering blood on the overpass. Some of the athletes climbed out the roof escape hatch, dazed and bloody. “I just looked out and saw the road coming up at me. I remember the catcher tapping me on the head, telling me to get out because there was gas all over,” said A.J. Ramthun, an 18-year-old second-baseman from Springfield, Ohio, who was asleep in a window seat and suffered a broken collarbone and cuts on his face from broken glass. “I heard some guys crying, `I’m stuck! I’m stuck!”‘ Investigators said the driver apparently mistook an exit ramp for a lane and went into the curve at full speed. It was dark at the time, but the weather was clear. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

Lekstrom submits report to Premier on socio-economic impacts of the Caribou Recovery Program

first_imgIn April, Lekstrom was appointed as Community Liaison to meet with community members to discuss the draft partnership agreements on caribou recovery following the Government’s announcement to extend the deadline to May 30. DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – With the May 30 deadline coming up, Blair Lekstrom has submitted his report to the Government on Monday, May 27, that looks at the socio-economic impact that the Caribou Recovery Program could have on communities within the Peace River Regional District.While Lekstrom cannot comment on the content within the report, before the Premier’s official release, he does say that people were sharing their views respectfully during the meetings for this report.“People were tremendous, they brought their views forward, everybody was respectful, and moving ahead, I think that people share the same concerns.”- Advertisement -Lekstrom says when he was appointed as Community Liaison, the critical condition for him to work on this report is that it had to be made public once it was complete.Now with the report filed, Lekstrom expects that the report will be released by Premier John Horgan soon, once it is discussed with his Government.“He will now, I’m sure, discuss it with his Government and then release it. So it’s on his time frame, I don’t expect it to be too terribly long, but I completed it and filed the report with him.”Advertisementlast_img read more

Steven Gerrard set for MLS? New York Red Bulls tipped to launch move for Liverpool captain

first_imgBrian Sciaretta, talkSPORT’s man in America, says he expects New York Red Bulls to be in for Steven Gerrard.The Liverpool captain is out of contract at the end of the season and, having been left out by Brendan Rodgers at the weekend, his future looks increasingly uncertain.Should he fail to sign a new deal at Anfield, Gerrard will be free to agree a pre-contract with any overseas club from January 1, and Sciaretta reckons MLS outfit Red Bulls are likely to be leading the chase for his signature.Speaking on Extra Time, he said: “They are going to be losing Tim Cahill and Thierry Henry so they are going to have no designated players and they are going to have to replace them with something.“They will have cash to spend so I definitely think Steven Gerrard will be on their list, particularly with New York City FC starting in a few months with Frank Lampard and David Villa.“The competition is running high and the clock is on New York Red Bulls to do something,”last_img read more


first_imgNEWSLETTERSt. Patrick’s Church, Donegal Town Fr. Willie Peoples 074-9721026Saturday 9th 10.00am6.00pm Francie Monaghan – Months MindSunday 10th 9.00am11.30am James Mc Carron – AnniversaryMonday 11th 9.30amTuesday 12th 9.30am Special IntentionThursday 14th 9.30am Herron FamilyFriday 15th 9.30am Special IntentionSaturday 16th 10.00am Edward Mc Carthy – Anniversary6.00pmSunday 17th 9.00am Jack Mc Mullin – Anniversary11.30amEucharistic Adoration- St. Patrick’s Church, on Thursdays from 10.00am -9.00pm. All Welcome!Divine Mercy Chaplet and Benediction – this Sunday and next in St Patrick’s Church at 5.00pmEUCHARISTIC CONGRESS – This week we become more aware of the presence of Christ among us as we celebrate the 50th International Eucharistic Congress. As many people may not be able to attend the event nationally, we can be more involved in Prayer and worship locally. Throughout this week we are invited to attend Daily Mass and give time to God to listen to what he wants of us. May Christ in the Eucharistic Bless us as a Community at this Historical Time. St. Agatha’s Church, Clar Fr. Danny Mc Brearty 074-9721093Saturday 9th 6.30pm Teresa Cahill – AnniversarySunday 10th 10.30am Dan, Cassie and Brigid Mc Nulty – AnniversarySaturday 16th 6.30pm Connie and Agatha Mc Ginty – AnniversarySunday 17th 10.30am Patsy Mc Girr – AnniversaryRecent Death – Brigid Bradley, Clogher – Funeral was on Wednesday.Masses during the Week – Monday, Thursday & Friday – 10.00am. Wednesday – 7.00pmExposition of the Blessed Sacrament – Tuesday from 3pm -7pm in St Agatha’s Church, Clar.Cemetery Sunday – July 8th at 10.30am, in St Agatha’s, Church, Clar. Please tell your family and friendsFAMILY COMMUNITY EVENT – FOR NEW PARISH CENTREOn Sunday, July 8th we will hold a family ‘walking and talking’ event to raise funds for our new Parish Centre. Registration in the porch of St. Patrick’s Church from 1.30pm and we will begin walking at 3.00pm. The walk route will take us through Donegal Town, around the Abbey Cemetery and along the beautiful Bank Walk. Tea and scones will be served afterwards in Scoil Aodh Rua agus Nuala in the Aodh Rua building, with lots of opportunities to catch up with friends and to meet new ones. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water and children must be accompanied by an adult. Please come along with your friends and neighbours to support your new parish centre and have a bit of fun as a community! No fees, donations only. SUPPORT GROUP FOR BEREAVEMENT AND PERSONAL LOSSOur Next meeting will take place on Thursday, June 14th at 8.00pm at the Solace Centre, St. Joseph’s Avenue. Feel free to come along and bring a friend.LEGHOWNEY NOTESThe Next Dance will take place on Wednesday, 13th June, dancing from 8.30pm – 10.30pm. Music by Kieran McAree, Guaranteed to be a great night dancing and a beautiful supper served. Admission €5.00DOWN SYNDROME IRELANDThere will be a stall on the Diamond on Saturday, June 16th from 10.00am selling Ice Cream to raise money for Down syndrome Ireland. Everyone is welcome and we would greatly appreciate your support!DONEGAL TOWN TIDY TOWNS COMMITTEEWe are organising a clean-up of the local area in preparation for the Tidy Towns Competition 2012, we would be glad of your help. If you are available please meet on the Diamond on Monday 11th of June at 8.00pm, Also every Monday in June/July same time, same place. (Weather permitting). Any enquiries to 074 9723760 (office hours)FOUR MASTERS G.A.A. CLUBThe ‘Ultimate Girls’ Day Out’ will take place this Sunday, June 10th in the Abbey Hotel. Tickets still on sale in the Abbey Hotel priced at €20.00 hosted by Four Masters G.A.A. Club in conjunction with their selected charity, the Breast Care Clinic in Letterkenny. PRO – LIFE RALLY, BELFAST, 7th JULY 2012You are invited to the All-Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast on Saturday, 7th July 2012. Bus from Donegal Town. Phone or text Mary on 086 1688566 to book your seat.Parish Bulletin e-mail address is dtkiltd@gmail.comLOCAL NEWS: PARISH BULLETIN OF TAWNAWILLY was last modified: June 8th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:LOCAL NEWS: PARISH BULLETIN OF TAWNAWILLYlast_img read more


first_imgTwo Gardai had to be treated in hospital last night after an incident in Letterkenny.It is believed the two Gardai suffered the effects of pepper spray when they went to arrest a suspect.It is believed the man became violent and tried to resist arrest. In the course of apprehending the man, the Gardai are believed to have suffered pepper spray burns.The Gardai were treated at Letterkenny General Hospital but were later released. GARDAI TREATED AFTER PEPPER SPRAY INCIDENT was last modified: November 5th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Gardailetterkennypepper spraylast_img read more