AAI starts yearlong study to improve future slot allotment at 6 major

first_imgNew Delhi: The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has started a year-long study to analyse air traffic, slot distribution and infrastructure at six major airports Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata in order to improve the mechanism of slot allotment, said its senior officials. A slot is a specific date and time at which an airline can arrive or depart at an airport. It is allocated by a committee that comprises officials from the respective airport, aviation ministry, AAI, airlines, aviation regular DGCA, etc. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in SepAfter one year, the results of this year-long study will be presented back to the DGCA and the ministry to take a call on how to improve slot allotment in the next year…We will take help of the central ATFM (air traffic flow management) in this year-long study, a senior AAI official said. The AAI owns and manages more than 100 airports across the country. Recently, when Jet Airways temporarily shut down its operations on April 17, a tussle had erupted among the other airline companies in India to corner most of the Jet’s vacated slots, especially the ones at congested airports of Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to CustomsThe fight for slots had erupted as there is no written mechanism in India to allocate slots if an airline in this case it was Jet Airways – temporarily shuts down its operations. Another senior AAI official said, “Six major airports Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai – have been identified where the analysis needs to take place. This exercise has been started in the month of May this year, and it will continue till March 2020. We have been asked to study all aspects air traffic, slot availability and its allotment, infrastructure availability and its future requirement, etc. so that slot distribution mechanism can improve from next year onward, the official added. The official said the AAI is doing one year of analysis as the flight schedule changes every six months. “This happens due to summer season and winter season. The wind keeps changing. That is the reason why airlines also keep asking for different slots in these two seasons, the official said.last_img read more

Pakistan starts to get Saudi Arabian oil on deferred payments

first_imgIslamabad: Pakistan will start getting oil supplies worth USD 9.9 billion from close ally Saudi Arabia from Monday on deferred payments for three years, the kingdom’s embassy here said on Monday. Cash-strapped Pakistan and oil-rich Saudi Arabia inked a financing agreement for the import of petroleum products, crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) on February 17 during the visit of Saudi crown prince to Islamabad earlier this year. “Pakistan will start receiving monthly oil supplies worth USD 275 million from Saudi Arabia with effect of July 1, 2019,” the Saudi embassy said in a notification. Also Read – Turkey preparations for Syria offensive ‘completed'”These supplies will continue over the next three years, with a total value of USD 9.9 billion,” The Express Tribune quoted the notification as saying. Pakistan expects the generous Saudi facility to help ease pressure on the balance of payments. “This package the keenness of the Saudi leadership to support the Pakistani economy for achieving financial stability and help the government to overcome the economic challenges and push the comprehensive development in Pakistan, and to emphasise the depth of relations between the two brotherly countries and peoples,” the embassy statement said. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi JinpingPakistan is trying hard to avoid a balance of payments crisis, with the help of close allies like China, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Islamabad is also negotiating a bailout package from the International Monetary Fund. The oil facility had been announced in November and it was initially expected to become operational from January 1. However, due to various procedural and regulatory issues it took seven months to make the facility operational by July 1, which coincides with the start of new fiscal year, the report said.last_img read more

Morocco Victim of Rape Prostitution Tells Her Poignant Story

Rabat – “I am fine, for the time being at least,” is what I say when asked such questions. The reason why I am the person I am now may be because of you. Sorry for pointing fingers at you that way, but it lessens my agony and tantalization for a moment, since there is always someone to blame. For so many reasons I would not step into a territory where my safety is in jeopardy. Yes, I am a sex worker, and I have been dehumanized. You might ask by whom, but I won’t answer because you already know. I have been looking for the missing “me: for ages, and I am sure I will never find her, for now I know I am the men’s sexual object.I will tell you a little secret. When I was sixteen, I was my father’s little toy: obedient, soft, loving, and even submissive. I never asked my dad for anything I knew he could not afford because I believed that being petulant towards him all the time would not bode well for the family’s welfare.I imagined every single thing in my little brain my dad could not get me. I loved him to the extent that I used to cry on his lap when he was at his lowest point, due to some familial duties he could not execute. Forlornly, it was a laughing matter for him because he was preparing a commodity for which he would get millions a month. You might wonder what that thing is. Well, it is the person you are interviewing now. I was seventeen back then, and the only thing I ever wanted was for my dad to be with me. He, however, sold me, and I was raped by a 45-year-old man who was a merciless monster. I was commodified by a man who has brought me into being. Clients would come every night and my dad was the welcoming host.Now I am 21 years old, fatherless, motherless, and even homeless. I am a street prostitute asking for people to buy my sex services. Now I know why my father sold me, and I won’t blame him, for I know he would not have done it if there were an option. He violently estranged me, and now I just want to know who I am and why I am not the person I am supposed to be.”“H” replied to a question I asked her with drops of tears streaming down her yellow cheeks.When compared to you and me, “H” is no different. However, she insinuates that she is so much different from us and that she is an animate being whose mere function is to be turned into a working instrument and be used for sexual gratification. For some reason, she is not what she is supposed to be—a normal person. She is deprived of her social life and even of possessing her own body, to which she has every right. Additionally, she thinks that she dwells in a world where monsters come in the form of men.It is not difficult to seek out the reasons behind the phenomenon of prostitution. Rather, it’s salient to ask questions related to the way females are being treated in the modern societies, regardless of the sort of job they occupy. Prostitution may be a vocational choice out of financial necessity, but a dignified person never chooses to be dehumanized and molded into a thing whose existence is more or less dependent on the kind of services provided.A society in which human bodies are commodified and brutally used is categorically animalistic. Moroccan society, more often than not, lacerates the sex-selling individuals for being the persons they are, but it never criticizes itself for being the reason behind the existence of this phenomenon in the first place.A society, irrespective of the political trend, is created for one and only one reason: which is to guarantee its subjects’ dignity and social acceptability and tolerability. This is elucidated by Immanuel Kant, whose moral doctrines are to be taken seriously and obligatorily, and responsibly applied in our present context. For Kant, persons should not be used merely as means, because doing that breaches the fundamental right of self-ownership—they are to be respected and deemed as persons themselves.So much of what has been claimed so far comes into play by asking some questions related to the parties involved in the sex trade: the supplier, the consumer, and even the viewer are to be blamed. Undeniably, these three parties contribute to the commodification process.The financial need drives the supplier to objectify herself to survive. The consumer is no different from the supplier, as he is the victim of his sexual desires. The viewer, however, is wholly different from the aforementioned parties, for he is aware of the commodification process, but he keeps pretending to be blind. Thus, the viewer is also objectified by his inactivity and dormancy. Clearly, the three parties are now objectified. Based on what was just proposed, a question should be asked: who is more blameworthy?In contrast, “H”s only aim now is to regain what rightly belongs to her. She believes, according to her answer, that she is nobody but who she made herself to be. Her only ambition is to know herself and be seen as a human being. Moreover, she is a person who only exists for others, and her existence makes no difference for those for whom she is existent—because once their sexual satisfaction is met, her existence as a rational being is gone.It’s a wake-up call for everyone to pay a close attention to the way we conceive of other’s individuality and humanity. Certainly, no one likes to be commodified and treated as a mere means. Every being is to be respected and dignified. It’s time to think of a way to get rid of prostitution and honor every individual as an end. No one would like to be a prostitute if she’s provided with the necessary means to survive.  Strangely enough, the blame is always put on the woman, but I think that every thinking individual has to give some thought to the collective consciousness of our society regarding this phenomenon.Edited by Katrina Bushko© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

World Bank Approves 100 Million Loan to Morocco to Support Employment

Washington – The World Bank (WB) board of executive directors approved last Tuesday a USD 100 million project in support of Morocco’s ongoing efforts to boost employment and improve the quality of jobs. The project will focus on ensuring the skills taught in universities and vocational training programs match the needs of the labor market, increasing the efficiency of employment services and broadening their reach to disadvantaged segments of the population, WB said in a release.It also aims at promoting micro-enterprises while formalizing the employment conditions for the many currently employed by them, and reinforcing the governance of the labor market. The Second Skills and Employment Development Policy Loan (SEDPL2) is the second in a programmatic series of two projects aimed at addressing employment.A principal aim of the SEDPL2 is to support the development of a clearer path from school to work, the same source added.The reform of educational and training programs will improve the job prospects of graduates, by equipping them with the right skills, while more effective employment services will match them with available jobs.The project will also support government plans to expand the reach of the national employment agency, ANAPEC, beyond graduates, to offer services to less-qualified individuals.Another policy initiative supported by the SEDPL2 will be to create a new legal status for self-employed individuals who want to exit the shadow economy and pay taxes, in exchange for a package of benefits; including access to credit and affordable social security.Finally, the project will contribute to improving the quality and availability of information needed to make employment policy decisions.“As a result of the reforms supported by this project, we hope to see more people employed in more productive jobs with better working conditions”, said Nadine Poupart, World Bank Task Team Leader for the project. read more

Enbridge plans 50kilometre pipeline to serve Hangingstone oil sands project

CALGARY — Enbridge Inc. says it has an agreement to build a 50-kilometre pipeline to serve the Hangingstone oil sands project, jointly owned by Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd. and China’s CNOOC Ltd.Pending regulatory approvals, the 12-inch lateral pipeline would connect Hangingstone to Enbridge’s regional system at Cheecham, Alta.The agreement also provides for an optional eight-inch line to transport diluent to the project, Enbridge said in announcing the deal Thursday.Financial terms were not disclosed.JACOS and Nexen Energy ULC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese government-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp., are partners in the project, which is operated by JACOS.The newly constructed pipeline will have the capacity to transport 40,000 barrels per day of diluted bitumen produced at Hangingstone to the Enbridge terminal in Cheecham.First oil from the project is expected in early 2016, with initial volumes of 18,000 bpd.The initial term of the transportation agreement is 20 years, with JACOS and Nexen having the right to extend the agreement in successive five-year terms.“Enbridge is pleased to enter into this agreement with JACOS and Nexen, which provides further confirmation of the sustainable growth in oil sands production,” said Stephen Wuori, Enbridge president for liquids pipelines and major projects.“This project, the 10th to connect into our infrastructure in the Athabasca region, will contribute to our ongoing strategy of connecting new oil sands projects and expanding access for production growth from the region.”Enbridge is Canada’s dominant oil shipper, with a vast network connecting markets across North America. It also has a natural gas distribution business and a growing renewable energy portfolio. read more

Two highlevel committees formed to strengthen UN secretariats direction

The 12-member Policy Committee will meet once a week to consider issues requiring strategic guidance and decisions and identify emerging issues, and will have its own secretariat in the existing Strategic Planning Unit, Annan’s Chief of Staff, Mark Malloch Brown, said in a letter to all UN staff last Friday.The Management Committee, with seven members, will meet once a month on internal reform and management-related issues, he said.The two committees, to be chaired by the Secretary-General, will replace several existing single-issue coordination mechanisms, which had been formed on an ad hoc basis, according to Mr. Malloch Brown.A Management Performance Board, chaired by Deputy Secretary-General Louise Fréchette, will monitor and analyze the performance of managers to ensure that they properly discharge their responsibilities.Two Under-Secretaries-General have been asked to sit on the Board – in their individual capacities – for two years. They are UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland and Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management Jian Chen. Former World Food Programme (WFP) Deputy Executive Director Namanga Ngongi will serve as the external third participant, required to have extensive experience at the UN.The Under-Secretaries-General of Management and Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) will also sit in on the Board’s meetings.The existing Senior Management Group will now meet every two weeks for exchanges of information and experiences among a wider group of managers and to provide guidance on important, cross-cutting issues, he said. read more

Mens soccer loses Big Ten opener at Indiana 20

Sophomore midfielder Zach Mason (7) slides for the ball during a match against Wright State Sept. 17 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. The teams tied, 0-0.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorThe Ohio State men’s soccer team (2-5-2, 0-1) opened Big Ten conference play on a rainy Sunday, losing to Indiana by a score of 2-0. Two first-half goals were all it took for the Hoosiers to give OSU its third consecutive loss.The Buckeyes ended the match with a season high 19 fouls and were outshot 33-10. Buckeye redshirt-junior goalkeeper Alex Ivanov fell to 2-4-1 as a starter and tallied 10 saves, matching his season high.Ivanov said despite the weather conditions, he was pleased with the way the team played.“With the unforgiving conditions, we did all right, but obviously, it was unfortunate end result,” he said. “I’m always thinking, ‘If I can prevent them from scoring, we’ll always have a chance,’ and as a goalkeeper I can’t change the game by scoring, so hopefully next time I can get 12 saves and we can get a better result.”OSU’s struggles with finishing on scoring plays continued as it was unable to score off of 10 shots, five of which were on target. The team has recorded just one goal in the last five games on 54 attempts.Buckeye coach John Bluem said that he is impressed by how well the team is handling the unlucky slump of not netting a goal.“I sound like a broken record, but we had a nice stretch in the first half, but we failed to come up with a goal again,” Bluem said. “And it seems like we really should have had one.”Bluem said that in practice, the team will watch film and hopefully be able to get a goal in the team’s next outing.“We’re going to look at video again and continue to try and improve in areas where we can get better,” he said. “I think the guys are responding well to this difficult stretch, but it would obviously help if we could get a win and build our confidence.”Preseason No. 1 and 2012 NCAA champions, Indiana (4-4-1, 1-0 Big Ten) opened the match quickly taking five shots and a corner kick in the first six minutes, but multiple saves by Ivanov kept it scoreless for the first 30 minutes.The Hoosiers continued their assault in the first half firing 25 shots and connected on two of them, ending the half with a 2-0 lead. The Buckeyes were outshot 25-4 and Ivanov recorded seven saves.Both teams created multiple scoring opportunities in the second half, but neither was able to connect. The Buckeyes’ best chance at a goal came in the 57th minute when senior captain and defender Sage Gardner blasted a shot from nearly 10 yards outside the box. Gardner almost squeaked it into the upper right corner of the net, but Hoosier redshirt-sophomore goalkeeper Michael Soderlund was able to block it just before going in. Eleven minutes later, sophomore Buckeye midfielder Zach Mason attempted a long-distance shot of his own, which almost mirrored Gardner’s shot exactly.Gardner said afterwards he was just trying to place the ball inside the box to a teammate on the play, and he believes the team will eventually find a way to score after continuously working on it in practice.“I think ultimately, it’s the mentality, so we just got to instill confidence in each other,” he said. “We know we can create opportunities to score against these teams, now it’s just if we can capitalize on them.”OSU is scheduled to return to Columbus play Wednesday to face off against No. 18 Louisville. read more

Major Wii U launch window titles delayed including Pikmin and Wii Fit

first_imgWhen Nintendo first unveiled its list of early Wii U games, it promised to have more than 50 titles available for the console by the end of March 2013 including high-profile additions to the Wii Fit and Pikmin franchises. Now that the March deadline is starting to approach, however, Nintendo is singing a different tune.If you’ve gone out to GameStop or Best Buy lately, you may have noticed that the Wii U section looks pretty much like it did last week, and the week before, and the week before. I could go on, but you get the point. There has been hardly any Wii U activity since the holidays, which was to be expected, but gamers were hoping this drought would be over soon.Unfortunately, now, Nintendo has declared that Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U, and Pikmin 3 are all being delayed. After originally pledging that these games would be available no later than March 31, Nintendo is now offering the much more vague “first half of the year” time frame.Wii U sales have been decent. The fact that anyone could go out and buy the console just a matter of days after the launch day supply sold out, is probably more related to tepid consumer interest than it was excessive supply. When the Wii was released, people continued to line up outside stores for months because of insatiable demand.Of course, that was before the world of $200 PS3s and Xbox 360s, which are quickly becoming the “good for the whole family” entertainment market which used to be Nintendo’s bread and butter. Little missteps like these Wii U game delays are more severe when consumers still need a good reason to go out and buy the system. The question on everyone’s mind was whether or not Nintendo could hold on to the momentum that it got during the Wii U launch. So far, the answer isn’t looking great.last_img read more

Bicyclist struck killed by vehicle in Sifton neighborhood

first_imgA bicyclist was struck and killed by a vehicle early Wednesday morning in Vancouver’s Sifton neighborhood, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.The crash was reported at 12:15 a.m. in the 12200 block of Northeast 76th Street. Deputies arriving on scene performed CPR on the cyclist before EMS personnel arrived and pronounced the rider dead, a bulletin from the sheriff’s office said.The driver was not injured.The name of the cyclist and the driver, both described as adults, were not released early Wednesday. Further details on the crash were not released. Detectives with the Clark County Traffic Unit responded and will continue with the investigation.last_img read more

State Vancouver unfair to police union leader

first_imgVancouver police administrators deliberately passed over police guild President Officer Ryan Martin for a special assignment in 2009 because of his union involvement, a state agency for employee relations has ruled.A Dec. 23 ruling by the state Public Employment Relations Commission found that police administration “deprived Martin of an ascertainable right, benefit, or status,” and broke the law when it did not choose Martin to fill one of two open traffic enforcement positions in June 2009.The commission ordered the city to give Martin a spot in the Motor Officers Unit within 30 days, read the decision aloud at a city council meeting and post the order “in conspicuous places.”To view the full Public Employment Relations Commission ruling, visit http://www.perc.wa.gov/Databases/ULP/10621-A.htmOn Thursday, Martin called the decision “a big deal.”“We’ve been saying for years now that this type of stuff has been taking place internally,” he said. “It shows there continues to be bias and discrimination in the department. When is it going to end, when is it going to stop?”last_img read more

DOD Seeking Change in Water Cleanup Standards

first_img ADC AUTHOR The Pentagon has been pushing the White House and Congress to ease clean water standards, according to the Military Times, citing a New York Times report.DOD faces costs of more than $2 billion to clean up PFAS-contaminated water on or around 126 installations.Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) said DOD wants to raise the amount of acceptable contamination to reduce the number of sites it needs to clean up.A Pentagon spokeswoman said DOD does not want to skirt its responsibility, Military Times reported.“DOD is not seeking a different or weaker cleanup standard but wants the standard risk-based cleanup approach that is based on science and applies to everyone,” DOD spokeswoman Heather Babb said.U.S. Air Force photo of water cleanup at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., by Senior Airman Ashley Maldonadolast_img read more

Ready for any inquiry says Kodela

first_imgAmaravati: The TDP senior leader and former Speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao alleged that present YCP government is playing revenge politics against him. Speaking to media over the allegations of Assembly furniture missing, Kodela said that after the Assembly was shifted to Amaravati from Hyderabad, the officials have placed the furniture in his camp office. Also Read – TDP to open shelters for victims of attacks Advertise With Us Former Speaker said he had written a letter to the YCP government that he is ready to pay the money for the furniture and after the allegations, he has once again written the letter, but they were no response. Kodela said that recently he has also written a letter to Speaker Tammineni Sitaram over the issue. On the occasion, Kodela Siva Prasada Rao said that earlier he has taken actions according to the law regarding the defection of 23 MLAs. He questioned why the salaries were paid to the MLAs who have not attended the Assembly. He made clear that the rules were never violated. He added that for everything there are Assembly records. Kodela said that he is ready for any inquiry.last_img read more

Amber Heard reveals shocking details about Johnny Depp alleged abuse

first_imgJohnny Depp with ex-wife Amber Heard at The Art of Elysium Presents on the 9th Annual Heaven by Visionaries Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler.Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Art of ElysiumJohnny Depp had recently filed a $50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. But the case has taken a new turn after the Aquaman movie actress has reportedly accused Depp of several cases of abuse like ‘strangling,’ ‘kicking,’ and ‘head-butting.’After the failed marriage with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard wrote an op-ed for Washington Post in which she talked about her abusive relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie star. Following which, Depp filed a multi-million dollar case against his former wife.Now the actress has asked a judge on Thursday to dismiss the said defamation lawsuit. In the motion filed in Virginia, Amber Heard reiterates her allegations that the Fantastic Beasts movie star abused her during their relationship. She even included pictures of herself with bruises on her face and scars on her arms.As per PageSix, the 32-year-old Amber Heard has gone into several details about the alleged incidents with Johnny Depp. While talking about the early days of her relationship with Depp, she stated that she began to witness him abusing drugs and alcohol. She even alleged that on some occasions, Depp used both illegal narcotics and prescription medications. When he was on that stuff, they called that version of Johnny Depp as ‘The Monster.'”Johnny often would not remember his delusional and violent conduct after he came out of his drunk or medicated states. … Because I loved Johnny, I had believed his multiple promises that he could and would get better. I was wrong,” Heard recalled. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorced in August after 15 months of marriage, following weeks of highly publicized claims of domestic violence by Heard and counterclaims of financial blackmailing by Depp.ReutersWhile talking about a flight they took from Boston to LA in May 2014, Heard states that her former husband appeared to be drunk and was clutching a bottle of champagne. During their flight, he reportedly ordered the attendants to provide him with an oxygen tank. He even threw objects at Amber.”Johnny kicked me in the back, causing me to fall over. Johnny threw his boot at me while I was on the ground. Johnny continued to scream obscenities until he went into the plane bathroom and passed out locked in the bathroom for the remainder of the flight.”In the rest of the obtained documents, Amber Heard has recalled several incidents where Johnny Depp has reportedly grabbed her by the neck and “collarbone and slammed me against the countertop.”last_img read more

Bengaluru girl films father killing brother in suicide pact after failed chit

first_img[Representational Image]Johannes Simon/Getty ImagesA 48-year-old man was arrested for allegedly murdering his son and for the suicide of his wife over the family being neck deep in financial debt in Bengaluru.Suresh Babu along with his wife Geetha, daughter, 17, and son, 12, planned on taking the extreme step of ending their life after the family-run chit fund business suffered heavy losses. The family resided at Vibhutipura, HAL. Suresh was also working as a sales executive at a private firm and Geetha used to work as a domestic help to make the ends meet.During the early hours of Sunday, the family planned to end their lives. Suresh ended his son’s life by hanging him from the ceiling and his wife took the next turn. But the incident took a different turn after his daughter who was afraid of all that was going around alerted the neighbours, who prevented them from committing suicide, claimed Suresh. They owed nearly Rs 5 lakh to the depositors who had invested in the chit fund.On Sunday, Suresh told the police that his wife and son had ended their life. But by afternoon, a video was circulated in the area that was shot by his daughter, questioning Suresh’s claim. His daughter had filmed the whole incident of Suresh tying a knot around her brother’s neck and hanging him followed by her mother.The disturbing 3-minute 47-second video shows Suresh forcefully hanging his son from the ceiling fan on a saree as his wife and daughter can be seen crying. The girl is heard pleading in Marathi with her father to leave her brother alone. But a determined Suresh kicks the stool under the boy.What raised suspicion here is that Suresh is later seen sitting next to his son while the boy lies on a bed, raising suspicion that he was first smothered to death and then tied to the ceiling fan. The video ends with Geetha snatching the phone from her daughter’s hand.According to police, the family was from the Maharashtra-Gujarat border region. However, Suresh has been arrested and is being interrogated by the police. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Whitefield division) Abdul Ahad, who is investigating the case, said that the video was shot by Suresh’s daughter. She might have sent it to someone due to which the footage went viral.last_img read more

Elizabeth Warren Reveals 85 Billion Public Broadband Plan

first_img President Signs Executive Order Promoting Rural Broadband AccessComcast says privacy is a premium feature you should pay for As if debt, climate change, and poor healthcare weren’t enough, rural communities are often excluded from access to high-speed Internet.Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wants to change that.In a lengthy Medium post, the Massachusetts senator laid out plans to invest in rural America—including a public option for broadband.AdChoices广告“In the 21st century, every home should have access to [reliable, high-speed Internet]—but we’re not even close to that today,” Warren lamented.In 2017, 26.4 percent of people in provincial areas (and 32.1 percent of those occupying tribal lands) did not have access to minimum-speed broadband (25 Mbps/3 Mbps), compared to 1.7 percent in metropolitan areas, the FCC reported.And while urban areas are more likely to have access to fiber broadband, many residents still can’t afford to connect to it.“This ends when I’m president,” Warren promised. “I will make sure every home in America has a fiber broadband connection at a price families can afford. That means publicly owned and operated networks—and no giant ISPs running away with taxpayer dollars.”Her complex proposal features various moving parts. But perhaps most ambitious of all is an $85 billion federal grant program to expand broadband access across the country.The federal government will pay 90 cents on the dollar for construction; in exchange, applicants must offer high-speed public broadband directly to every home in their area.Claimants are obliged to offer at least one plan with 100 Mbps/100 Mbps speeds and one discount Internet plan for low-income customers, with a prepaid feature or low monthly rate.Of the total funds, $5 billion will be earmarked for 100 percent federal grants to tribal nations, in an effort to expand broadband access on Native American lands.Warren also pledged to return broadband rights to local governments, appoint net neutrality advocates to the FCC, improve the accuracy of broadband maps, and invest $2.5 billion over 10 years to ensure everyone has the skills to participate in our digital economy.The candidate’s proposal comes a day after Comcast announced the largest-ever expansion of its Internet Essentials program.The comprehensive broadband adoption program now includes all qualified low-income households in its service area—an estimated 3 million additional units across America.Applicants simply need to show they are participating in one of more than a dozen government assistance programs (Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP], Supplemental Security Income [SSI], etc.).Comcast already accepts folks who have a student eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program, live in public housing or receive HUD Housing Assistance (including Section 8 vouchers), or participate in the Veterans Pension Program, as well as low-income seniors and community college students in select pilot markets.More on Geek.com:Amazon Will Launch 3,236 Satellites to Offer Broadband Internet From SpacePresident Signs Executive Order Promoting Rural Broadband AccessNASA Brings Broadband to the Moon Stay on targetlast_img read more

Paper supercapacitor addresses powerenergy density tradeoff

first_img Citation: Paper supercapacitor addresses power/energy density tradeoff (2017, September 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2017-09-paper-supercapacitor-powerenergy-density-tradeoff.html The researchers, led by Seung Woo Lee at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Jinhan Cho at Korea University, have published a paper on the flexible paper supercapacitor electrodes in a recent issue of Nature Communications.As energy-storage devices, supercapacitors have several advantages over batteries, such as a higher power density, rapid charge/discharge rate, and longer lifetime, yet they lag behind batteries in energy density (the amount of energy that can be stored in a given amount of space). Although several methods have been attempted to improve the energy density of paper supercapacitors by coating them with various conductive materials, often these methods have the drawback of reducing the power density. As the researchers explain in their paper, the key to achieving good all-around performance using coating methods is to carefully control the loading amount of the conductive and active materials (such as metal nanoparticles) that are incorporated into the paper supercapacitor and which determine many of its electrochemical properties. To do this, the researchers used a layer-by-layer assembly process, in which single layers of gold nanoparticles are deposited onto the paper. By selectively alternating between pseudocapacitive layers and metal layers, the researchers could control the loading amount and achieve a high density of nanoparticles, which contributes to a high capacity and high energy density. Another advantage of this method is that the layer-by-layer deposition allows the paper to maintain its highly porous structure, which enhances its performance by providing a short transport route for charged particles.”The paper electrodes based on layer-by-layer-assembled metal nanoparticles exhibit metal-like electric conductivity, paper-like mechanical properties, and a large surface area without any thermal treatment and/or mechanical pressing,” coauthor Yongmin Ko at Korea University told Phys.org. “The periodic insertion of metal nanoparticles within high-energy nanoparticle-based paper electrodes could resolve the critical tradeoff in which an increase in the loading amount of materials to enhance the energy density of supercapacitors decreases the power density.”In experiments, the researchers demonstrated that this assembly method improves several key characteristics of the paper supercapacitor. Its areal performance—which is considered an important factor in evaluating flexible, wearable textile-based energy-storage electrodes—is significantly better than that of any previously reported flexible paper supercapacitor. The maximum areal power and energy densities of the new supercapacitor are 15.1 m/cm2 and 267.3 μWh/cm2, respectively. The researchers expect that these values can be further improved by increasing the number of layers.Tests also showed that the flexible paper supercapacitors had a maximum capacitance that is higher than any previously reported textile-based supercapacitor. In addition, the new devices exhibits an excellent capacity retention, demonstrated by a 90% capacity retention after 5,000 bending cycles. The researchers expect that the techniques used here can be applied to paper supercapacitors of various shapes, sizes, and surface areas, as well as supercapacitors based on biomass-derived carbon materials instead of paper, and other types of devices.”We have now extended our approach to batteries, triboelectric devices, electrochemical sensors, and various other flexible electrodes that require metal-like conductivity and high surface area,” Ko said. Journal information: Nature Communications Explore further Researchers develop simple way to fabricate micro-supercapacitors with high energy density More information: Yongmin Ko et al. “Flexible supercapacitor electrodes based on real metal-like cellulose papers.” Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-00550-3center_img Photographs of the original paper and the paper coated with gold nanoparticles, which can be used to light LEDs. Credit: Ko et al. Published in Nature Communications. © 2017 Phys.org By coating ordinary paper with layers of gold nanoparticles and other materials, researchers have fabricated flexible paper supercapacitors that exhibit the best performance of any textile-type supercapacitor to date. In particular, the paper supercapacitors address one of the biggest challenges in this area, which is to achieve a high energy density in addition to an already high power density, since both properties are essential for realizing high-performance energy-storage devices. In the future, flexible paper supercapacitors could be used in wearable electronics for biomedical, consumer, and military applications. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

VIDEO 38yearold James Harrison pushes a 1400 pound sled like hes taking

first_imgSteelers’ linebacker James Harrison could probably singlehandedly take out ISIS with his bare hands.Harrison is a notorious work out machine, and judging by a recent workout video posted online, he might be a cyborg.The video shows the 38-year-old Harrison pushing a sled, loaded down with 1,400 pounds worth of weights, like he’s taking out the trash before work. The audible ripping sound the turf makes from his cleats digging in is a nice touch.Do not mess with this man:Here’s a video of James Harrison (Deebo) casually pushing 31 (45lb) plates. Thats 1,395 pounds for those of you who cant do math #SilverBack pic.twitter.com/UHjBewEYyc— Antonio Brown’s Ego (@ABsEgo84) May 1, 2017last_img read more

Swoops US operations approval remains up in the air

first_img Friday, October 19, 2018 TORONTO — Low-cost carrier Swoop is apologizing to travellers impacted by dozens of flight cancellations as it works to finalize its approval to fly to the U.S.“We have not yet received one final approval required to operate to the U.S. We anticipated having all regulatory approvals in place well in advance of our U.S. first flights. Unfortunately this is not the case,” says the carrier.Swoop first announced its new U.S. routes back in August. The 2018/19 winter lineup includes flights from Edmonton, Hamilton and Abbotsford to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa Bay.Flights between Edmonton and Las Vegas from Oct. 19 to 26 are minimally impacted as Swoop says it has leased an aircraft to operate the flights.However more than 50 flights out of Hamilton and Abbotsford have been cancelled, with passengers offered rebookings on WestJet. Coverage from consumer media outlets including CHCH in Hamilton and CityNews in Toronto includes interviews with impacted passengers.The full schedule to the U.S. isn’t expected to operate until at least Oct. 27.More news:  Transat calls Groupe Mach’s latest offer “highly abusive, coercive and misleading”Here’s the list of cancellations:Flights between Abbotsford and Las Vegas on Oct. 21 and 25 (WO 802 and WO 705) and flights between Hamilton and Las Vegas on Oct. 26 (WO 800 and WO 701)Flights between Hamilton and Orlando on October 20 and 24 (WO 810 and WO 711)Flights between Hamilton and Tampa on October 20 and 24 (WO 808 and WO 709)Flights between Hamilton and Fort Lauderdale on October 26 (WO 820 and WO 719)As start-up hiccups go, it’s a doozy, and Swoop apologized for the disruption. “First and foremost, we’d like to apologize. We know how disruptive it is when travel doesn’t go as planned, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this has caused. We have set up a dedicated Travel Interruption support team who are reaching out directly to impacted travellers to offer rebooking options or full refunds.”Swoop adds that it is working to expedite its U.S. operations approvals and will provide regular updates directly to impacted travellers.More news:  Consolidation in the cruise industry as PONANT set to acquire Paul Gauguin CruisesSwoop launched June 20 with its domestic schedule, and followed up weeks later with the news about the new U.S. routes.Last month Swoop announced new Montego Bay flights ex YHM starting Dec. 16.Weeks later Swoop gave word that it was adding Mexico destinations too, with twice weekly service to Puerto Vallarta and three times weekly service to Cancun starting Jan. 8, 2019 and Jan. 14, 2019 out of Hamilton plus twice weekly service to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan starting Jan. 12, 2019 and Jan. 20, 2019 from Abbotsford.Karen McIsaac, Swoop’s Sr. Advisor, Communications, said Swoop is reaching out directly to all affected travellers to acknowledge their situation and to either advise them of their new WestJet flight details or to provide rebooking and/or refund options. “We apologize to our travellers for this inconvenience and for the disappointment they have expressed.” << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Travelweek Group center_img Swoop’s U.S. operations approval remains up in the air Share Tags: Cancellations, WestJet Swooplast_img read more

Marine scheme takes over Parkside Convention Centre

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: J.L The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (SCEC) unveiled yesterday the $60 million revamp of its Parkside Convention Centre.Following a marine scheme, the Parkside’s sophisticated redesign features white travertine floors, deep blue carpets and colour-backed glass wall panels, all melting in with the venue’s harbour views.Delegates are also given wide open spaces and plenty of natural light with the Parkside Ballroom, which is the largest pillarless ballroom in Sydney.Twenty-seven pieces of contemporary Australian art also don the walls of the SCEC, with the Parkside’s broad concourse home to a major work by Australian artist Brett Whitely.Centre chief executive Ton van Amerongen said the new look and feel kept clients in mind as it increased the flexibility and multi-functionality of space within the Centre and provided delegates with a connection to the city.He said he felt it was important to “use a building for what it is designed for not what you’d like it to be.”“The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre has always been more than just a static venue: it links its events with the life and energy of Sydney itself,” he said.“These changes further enhance that quality, drawing on the vivid light, the water views and the surrounding life of Darling Harbour.”The SCEC will be kept busy for the year ahead, with the Lions Convention, Asia Pacific Congress of Opthamology and the Annual World Congress of the Human Proteome Organisation, amongst others, to bring in more than 18,000 delegates. Floor to ceiling glass walls displays Darling Harbourcenter_img Parkside concourselast_img read more