Federal budget cuts slap in the face to Quebec Native Womens Association

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe Quebec Native Women’s Association has received a major blow.The organization had to cut one of its most in-demand positions due to federal budget cuts.APTN National News reporter Ossie Michelin has this story.last_img

Residents of York Landing warned to stay indoors as RCMP search for

first_imgJames Favel is co-founder of Winnipeg-based Bear Clan Patrol.APTN NewsRCMP in Manitoba say they continue to scour a small, northern Manitoba community for two B.C. homicide suspects.The search for Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, moved southwest to York Landing from Gillam Sunday after a tip from volunteers with the Bear Clan Patrol (BCP).“The fact that we made a sighting is just incredible,” said BCP co-founder James Favel of his team of Winnipeg-based volunteers that flew up north Friday.“They happened to be in the right place at the right time.”But so far there have been no arrests in York Landing, an isolated community of about 400 people.Manitoba RCMP tweeted Monday: “All efforts are being made in York Landing to apprehend two individuals matching the description of the suspects.”Police also reminded residents to stay inside behind locked windows and doors.“This is a fluid situation,” Garrison Settee, grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, added in a statement.“Everyone wants this to end today in a safe and controlled manner. Our prayers are with the residents of York Factory.”Situation is ongoing. All possible RCMP resources continue to be used in the area of York Landing to safely apprehend two individuals matching the description of the suspects. #rcmpmb— RCMP Manitoba (@rcmpmb) July 29, 2019The suspects are charged with second-degree murder of a British Columbia botany instructor and are suspects in the homicides of two international tourists in northern B.C. earlier this month.“We are not trying to involve ourselves in the search,” said Favel. “We are there to secure the village.”He said Bear Clan has almost 1,600 volunteers in Winnipeg and operates chapters in 51 communities nationwide, with nine part- and full-time employees. It is an indigenous-led group that promotes safety and security in inner-city neighbourhoods.Meanwhile, Chief Walter Spence of Fox Lake Cree Nation outside Gillam expressed support for the people of York Landing.“We hope for a quick and safe conclusion to this entire situation,” he said in a statement.  “As the challenging work of locating the two suspects continues, our community members and volunteers are exhausted and fatigued.“The ongoing stress of the large police,  military, and media presence in the community is starting to take its toll, and our community members look forward to a return to normalcy.”Anyone with information is asked to call the RCMP major crime tipline at 1-877-543-4822.last_img read more

Europe Divided as Governments Oppose Global Compact on Migration

Rabat – Bulgaria announced on Monday, November 12, that it would not sign the compact.As the country is facing a surging tide of protests and popular uprisings demanding affordable commodity prices and improved living conditions, Bulgaria’s announcement was hardly surprising.Saying migration worsens Europe’s crises has become the dish du jour in many European circles. But Bulgaria is hardly a one-off.Hungary, with a notoriously right-wing and anti-immigration prime minister, Viktor Orban, had already declared its opposition to the Global Compact’s agenda.Poland and the Czech Republic are also no fans of the compact, which, like Hungary’s Orban, they accuse of blurring the lines between legal and illegal immigration. But while Poland is yet to confirm its position, Czech authorities have already announced that they are considering not signing the final document.Croatia is also preparing to jump on the bandwagon of Eastern Europe’s reluctance to embrace migration.A hot-button topic in Europe, migration has become one of the few areas where European leaders have consistently failed to devise a common policy architecture. Clashes between Brussels and member states or among individual member states over national quotas for asylum seekers have become a wide currency in Europe’s troubled political waters.The latest clashes between Italy and France (over France’s decision to return irregular migrants to Italy) and Italy and England (over taking in migrants onboard the Aquarius rescue ship) also fit the narrative of Europe’s uneasiness with the flow of irregular migrants.Euro-African partnershipIn the meantime, there are some voices calling for a new partnership model between Europe and Africa.They argue that the exclusive nationalism espoused by European right-leaning parties and the ensuing anti-migrant rhetoric are not the way forward for Europe. To salvage the European project, Europe needs to build bridges, rather than walls, with other parts of the world.Andre Flahaut, Belgium’s minister of budget and civil service minister, recently told Morocco World News that Europe should engage the non-European world to devise common ways of facing common challenges.The Belgian politician argued that respect for each other’s humanity should be the founding pillar of a new—and necessary—partnership between Europe and Africa.Udo Bullman, leader of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament, said that, for Europe to come to terms with the rising tide of crises, ignoring Africa would be akin to “political suicide.”Meanwhile, the not-so encouraging stories about irregular migration—persisting intra-European clashes over national quotas of asylum seekers—suggest that there many be more reticent countries by the time representatives convene in Marrakech, Morocco, to ratify the Global Compact.What is the Global Compact?Adopted by the UN General Assembly on July 13, the Global Compact is the equivalent of a UN declaration on migration. The 34-page document calls for an effective multilateralism to solve a global issue as complex as intra and intercontinental human mobility.It advocates for an “enhanced cooperation on international migration in all its dimensions, have adopted this Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.”In its desire to “make migration work for all,” the compact called on world governments to acknowledge “that no State can address migration alone, and upholds the sovereignty of States and their obligations under international law.”However, the US, which withdrew from the compact at the outset, said that the document encourages illegal migration and that it blurs the lines between different types of migrants.Proponents have slammed the criticism, however.Omar Hilale, Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, who called the compact’s adoption “a historic day for multilateralism,” said that the document signaled “realism, global vision, and shared responsibility” with regards to the global migration crisis.“Those countries that decided they are leaving the UN migration compact, had they read it, they would not have done it,” said Jean-Claude Junker, president of the European Commission. read more

Colombia as thousands flee fighting UN refugee agency voices concern for civilians

As thousands have fled their homes in the Nariño region in southern Colombia to escape fighting between the Government and rebel forces, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today called for the protection of civilians and urged authorities to provide assistance to those affected. In the past two weeks, over 6,000 people have taken refuge in El Charco and La Tola, two small towns north of Nariño, according to UNHCR spokesperson Ron Redmond. Local officials have opened schools and other public buildings to shelter the newly displaced, but despite the efforts of authorities, the church and international organizations, there is a shortage of clear water and basic health supplies. In El Charco, only one out of every 30 people who arrived in the town last week has a mattress to sleep on. “The conflict in Nariño has been intense for over a year, and UNHCR is extremely worried that civilians continue to suffer in large numbers,” Mr. Redmond told reporters in Geneva. “We will send a mission this week to the worst-affected areas,” he added. “But the presence of humanitarian staff cannot in itself guarantee security and provide solutions to the thousands of people at risk.” Approximately 3,000 displaced were in El Charco as of yesterday, but the figures are constantly changing. In spite of uncertain security conditions, several hundred families returned to their homes, while an additional 300 arrived in the town who had been caught behind the front lines of the fighting for several days. There are reported hundreds more trapped by combat facing dwindling food supplies. UNHCR is extremely concerned for the safety of both those who have returned home as well as those attempting to flee the fighting. The security conditions continue to deteriorate in the rest of the Nariño region, as new irregular armed groups have emerged and deployed. Dozens of small villages are emptying in the mountainous regions around the Policarpa municipality, and there have been two instances of mass crossings of the displaced across the border into Ecuador. Colombia has the largest population of concern to UNHCR with some three million people uprooted by more than 40 years of fighting between the Government, leftist rebels, right-wing paramilitaries and criminal gangs. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) represent some 8 per cent of the total population of over 40 million. Last month, High Commissioner António Guterres visited the country last month, and met with President Álvaro Uribe. He also chaired a conference in Bogota, the capital, to draw attention to the humanitarian consequences of displacement and encourage the full implementation of the law so that all displaced people have equal access to their rights. 10 April 2007As thousands have fled their homes in the Nariño region in southern Colombia to escape fighting between the Government and rebel forces, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today called for the protection of civilians and urged authorities to provide assistance to those affected. read more

Kent touts new emissions standards for autos as he heads to tense

by Heather Scoffield, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 27, 2012 5:58 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – On the eve of global climate talks that will put Canada’s contentious policies under the microscope, Ottawa has introduced its next set of rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks.Under regulations proposed on Tuesday, vehicles built between 2017 and 2025 will be required to cut emissions by an average of five per cent a year, every year.Environment Minister Peter Kent said these rules should cut annual gasoline costs by about $900 per auto, compared with today.The regulations are designed to match U.S. standards first proposed more than a year ago and will build on existing regulations that cover models built between 2011 and 2016.“We will see emissions at 50 per cent of what they were in 2008,” Kent said in an interview.Light trucks won’t have to meet the new standards as quickly as cars because manufacturers need extra time to make sure they can perform the work required by the farmers and construction workers who drive them, Environment Canada said in a background document.Unlike previous rounds of industrial regulations that pitted industry against environmentalists, this set is expected to meet little resistance. The federal NDP denounced the measures as “recycling” from the United States, but auto manufacturers welcomed the government’s decision to view North America as a single market and clearly set out expectations for the next decade.Environmentalists said the stiffer standards will help clean the air and save consumers money at the same time.“It’s fairly welcome that Canada will continue to follow the U.S. administration’s ambitious lead on fuel efficiency,” said P.J. Partington, a climate policy analyst with the Pembina Institute. “It’s great for drivers. They’ll be saving a lot of money on gas.”The announcement comes more than a year after the United States floated a similar plan, but the timing is no accident. Kent leaves this weekend for a week of United Nations climate change talks in Doha that, as usual, will put him on the defensive.“We wanted to make the announcement before Doha because it is another step forward in our sector-by-sector approach,” he said.While the Harper government has been vociferous in its attack against other approaches to controlling emissions, Canada’s policy of regulating industry by industry has drawn scorn not just from environmentalists but also other countries.In Canada, the federal environmental commissioner and the now-defunct National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy have both said this approach is not enough to meet the country’s 2020 emissions target.Environmental organizations say Canada lacks credibility at the bargaining table as countries seek to replace the expiring Kyoto protocol with another binding international treaty to limit global warming.“Right now (we’re) well on path for global pariah, heads too buried in the tar sands to see the coming storms,” Cameron Fenton, national director of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, said in a blog this week.Canada has an “enormous gap” between its global commitment to reduce emissions and the plans it has introduced so far, Partington added. Since Ottawa has already included emissions from the tailpipe regulations in its tally, Tuesday’s announcement won’t actually take Canada any closer to meeting its 2020 promise to reduce emissions by 17 per cent below 2005 levels, he said.But Kent said he will tackle his critics head-on in Doha.“There’s an awful lot of misinformation out there and no little amount of disinformation about Canada’s commitment towards climate change, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation,” he said. “We’ll be meeting with the media, we’ll be meeting with our colleagues in the major economies’ forum, to talk about the things we are doing.“We’ll refresh the memory of folks who don’t know or who don’t want to know that our sector-by-sector approach has taken us halfway to our 2020 targets.”But Kent will not be taking any promises of money to the United Nations talks in Doha.The top U.N. climate official as well as many environmental groups are pleading with developed countries to live up to a commitment to help poor countries deal with and prevent more climate change.Time has run out for a $30-billion, three-year global fund that was meant to kick-start a larger $100-billion-a-year fund partly financed by the private sector. But the larger fund is still empty.No one should expect the Doha talks to change that, Kent said.“This isn’t a pledging conference,” he said, adding that he will make that clear at the meetings.He said the private sector needs to be heavily involved in the Green Fund financing. But Canada has traditionally opposed a tax on financial transactions — one of the leading options to raise private-sector money.Countries including Canada have committed to do what it takes to limit global warming to two degrees above pre-industrial levels. But the International Energy Agency projects about 3.6 degrees in warming, even after all recent commitments are taken into account. Kent touts new emissions standards for autos as he heads to tense talks in Doha read more

Brocks Autism Spectrum Disorder Summer Movement Camp celebrates 20 years

Samantha Nichols turned 12 during her first week at Brock University’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Summer Movement Camp. That was in 1996. This past Tuesday she celebrated her 32nd birthday with the people who have become familiar to her in the last two decades.“It’s always been Sam’s birthday during camp and we always do something special for it. On her 30th birthday the students and campers made her a banner and signed it,” says Department of Kinesiology professor and Camp Founder Maureen Connolly.“This year, the mentors all wore Happy Birthday tiaras in honour of this annual celebration.”Nichols’ father Terry says his daughter has thrived at the annual camp and looks forward to it each year.“My daughter Sam enjoys attending this camp not only because it has improved her movement ability and potential, but also because she feels like she is in a community of people who know her and genuinely care about her,” he says.“She can be herself and can have meaningful relationships in a safe and engaging environment.”The camp started offering developmentally appropriate movement education to children and youth in the Niagara Region in the summer of 1996.“I started this camp 20 years ago because parents were distressed that none of the local camps could accommodate their children,” says Connolly.The first summer, 18 participants aged four to 14 were enrolled.“Each time we host the camp, we learn something new and make modifications for the next camp, constantly improving it,” says Connolly.The camp’s education-based curriculum is specifically focused on the needs of the participants and is a community service learning opportunity that attracts 30-50 undergraduate students and an almost equal number of campers each year.Every summer there are two, week-long camp programs for children and youth from ages three and up. By the end of summer, the camps will have hosted more than 2,000 participants.The camp also operates as a site for research, as well as service learning and pedagogy with the past five years seeing increasing numbers of graduate students involved in various capacities.“All of the students who have been involved in this camp have gone on to do great things with their careers. They have become nurses, special education teachers, principals, the list goes on,” says Connolly.Funding for this much-needed program is made possible by Niagara Recycling.“Given the service learning model that we use at the ASD summer movement camp, there is no way these camps could have continued to function and offer its ongoing low costs to parents – and full subsidies in some cases – without the support of Niagara Recycling,” explains Connolly.“Through our long standing partnership with the Niagara Region, Niagara Recycling is proud to have supported the Autism Spectrum Disorder Summer Movement Camps at Brock University for nearly all of its 20-year history,” says Niagara Recycling Chief Executive Officer Norman Kraft.“We are pleased that through our financial support, Brock University is able to offer meaningful, active leisure to the children and youth who enjoy these camps each summer.”Since 1997, Niagara Recycling has donated more than $317,000 in financial commitments to disability programming at Brock University with more than $137,000 going to the ASD Summer Movement Camp. Their support also contributes to Brock University’s Special Needs Activity Program (SNAP), Saturday SNAP and the Confident Healthy Active Role Models (CHARM) initiative. read more

Boart Longyear Launches TruCore™ in Latin America

first_imgBoart Longyear, the global provider of integrated drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, has launched the TruCore™ core orientation system in Latin America, following a successful launch in Australia earlier this year.“Over the past 125 years, Boart Longyear has continuously delivered innovative solutions for the drilling industry,” said Adam Tomaszewski, Product Manager, Instrumentation for Boart Longyear. “TruCore is no exception. We’ve conducted extensive testing to make sure TruCore provides accurate data, is easy to use whether you’re underground or in bright sunlight, and enhances safety with less manual handling.”Boart Longyear says TruCore addresses a variety of the challenges that drillers and geologists face while conducting core orientation:When you need accurate data and cannot risk missed orientations: TruCore has been rigorously tested to ensure that the handheld device lets drillers know when to activate it. This minimizes the risk of missed orientations.When you need an easy-to-use solution: With its highly visible, flashing LEDs, TruCore notifies the user when there is direct alignment, which reduces the total measurement time and makes TruCore the ideal solution for bright daylight, lowlight and underground operations.When you want to reduce manual handling time and increase safety: With TruCore, there is no need to disassemble the tool to obtain an orientation mark. As a result, you will reduce the number of manual handling actions a driller or driller assistant needs to perform.When you want an alternative to the current market solution: “As a trusted supplier of drilling equipment and tooling for more than 125 years, Boart Longyear offers the first alternative solution in the marketplace for core orientation. It is easy to switch and start using TruCore today.”Available in sizes BQ™ through to PQ™, TruCore is now available to rent in Latin America.last_img read more

Google Its got a great Android app and big plans for the

first_imgGoogle+ released this week to a flurry of attention from every part of the internet (Mark Zuckerberg even joined up to try it out for himself). While most of the frenzy’s been about the overall design of the site, the way it works, and how it directly jumps into Facebook’s realm, half of Google+ is its mobile app — which is only available for Android at the moment.Google’s official demo of the app sums it up better than words alone, but suffice to say: It’s seriously nice. It’s fast, it’s clean, it’s gorgeous, and it works the way it looks like it’s supposed to work. It’s only been available on the Android Market for a couple of days now and it’s already nicer in every way than the competing Facebook app is (and Facebook’s been on Android for nearly as long as Android’s been on phones). Check out the video below if you haven’t seen it yet to get a good look at what this app can do:AdChoices广告While making changes to your actual profile can still only be done in a browser, the Android app gives full access to every other part of Google+ that you could need while out on the go. Google’s learned from its various apps over the last couple of years, so we’ve got big, well-defined buttons, good use of whitespace, and full-screen swiping motions act as an intuitive way to navigate to related functions — like checking out posts by friends who are nearby by swiping the regular news feed to the right. Posting updates is easy and fast, and posting check-ins is a single tap away. Everything is literally at your fingertips with this app, and that’s how a touch-screen app should be.The whole app feels like it’s polished to a point well past the beta-style limited release stage that Google+ is technically in right now. One thing does stand out, though: There’s an empty space on the front page when the phone’s held in portrait mode (which is how it would normally be used). Since the project has been designed from the ground up with specific purposes in mind, people are wondering what might fill that slot. Luckily, we do have a hint to go on, because somebody went snooping through Google+’s code and sent their findings into Engadget:Google GamesThe snippet in the image above shows references, clear as day, to Google Games — which doesn’t technically exist yet despite the fact that everyone knows it’s coming. That being said, what better place for Google to put their online social gaming platform than in their shiny new social network? Facebook blew up because people began playing games while there, so it only makes sense that Google+ would follow suit.But that’s not the only thing the tipster found in Google+’s code. There were also strings that alluded to “ask and answer” style functionality, which makes sense considering Google’s recent acquisition of Aardvark. The general idea of Aardvark was that instead of looking for answers by finding web sites, a user could just ask the question instead — and get an answer from a friend or family member who knows the answer.Google+ may have only just debuted, and its app may have only been uploaded to the Market days ago, but a pretty bright future is already forming for the pair of them. Add to that the impending release of an iPhone app and fully available invites to the service, and you’ve got something that Facebook might not be able to fight off.last_img read more

These quadcopters are juggling an inverted pendulum

first_imgWe all know by now that quadcopters can do impressive things, such as be made out of Lego, be controlled with your mind, or be impervious to crashing, but did you know that they can be quite the entertainer, performing juggling stunts in midair? Some of the more impressive feats quadcopters can perform are juggling balls, and balancing an inverted pendulum. Now, Dario Brescianini, a student at ETH Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, and some of his colleagues have developed an algorithm that allows for the adorable little fliers to juggle an inverted pendulum.An inverted pendulum, as the name suggests, is a pole reminiscent of a standard pendulum that you might find on a clock, but the center of mass is above the pivot point. This makes the inverted pendulum difficult to balance, and thus, even more difficult for a not-entirely-steady, flying robot to accurately throw toward another not-entirely-steady flying robot. In order to achieve that goal, Brescianini turned to a 2D mathematical model.After the model detailed acceptable behavior for the quadcopters, the team tested it out in the real world, allowing two quadcopters to play catch with an inverted pendulum. Considering the quadcopters would catch and balance the pendulum on one end of the stick, rather than on the curved sides, the team needed to protect the quadcopter from potentially being impaled. So, the ends of the pendulum were wrapped in a balloon, which is filled with flour.Though the 2D model paved the way for the quadcopter balancing act, it wasn’t perfect, as catching the pendulum proved difficult. To correct this issue, the team had to include a learning algorithm so the system could update its catching methods as it found out if they worked or not.Brescianini and company have taught us an important life lesson today: If two individual tasks are difficult to perform on their own, combining them clearly makes performing them a lot easier.last_img read more

Une nouvelle espèce fossile de crocodile identifiée dans un musée

first_imgUne nouvelle espèce fossile de crocodile identifiée… dans un muséePubliant leurs travaux dans la revue Systematic Palaeontology, des chercheurs britanniques ont pu identifier, dans des restes fossilisés détenus depuis plus d’un siècle par un muséum d’Écosse, une espèce jusqu’alors inconnue de crocodile fossile.C’est en étudiant les collections du Hunterian Museum de Glasgow que des paléontologues de l’Université d’Édimbourg ont fait l’inattendue découverte. Parmi celles-ci, ils ont déniché et analysé des restes fossilisés vieux de 165 millions d’années qui ont été découverts dans les années 1900 près de Peterborough (Angleterre). Ils ont ainsi établi que ces restes appartenaient à une nouvelle espèce cousine des crocodiles actuels, qui a été baptisée Tyrannoneustes lythrodectikos. Un petit nom qui signifierait quelque chose comme “le nageur tyran qui mord jusqu’au sang”. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?L’animal appartient à un groupe de crocodiles ressemblant un peu aux dauphins et est doté d’une grande mâchoire munie de dents pointues et crénelées. D’après les conclusions publiées, il était apparemment adapté à la consommation d’assez grandes proies, et devait constituer une forme intermédiaire entre certains crocodiles qui se nourrissaient de petites proies et d’autres qui s’attaquaient à de plus gros gibiers, expliquent les auteurs de l’étude.”Il est satisfaisant de pouvoir classer un spécimen qui n’a pas été examiné depuis plus de 100 ans, et doublement de constater que cette découverte améliore notre compréhension de l’évolution des reptiles marins”, commente le Dr Mark Young. “Il est réconfortant de savoir que de nouvelles espèces peuvent encore être trouvées dans les musées et que de nouvelles recherches sont menées sur d’anciennes collections”, conclut de son côté le Dr Neil Clark, conservateur au Hunterian Museum.Le 30 janvier 2013 à 10:11 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Khaleda BNP leaders skip Senakunja reception again

first_imgKhaleda ZiaBangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson and former prime minister Khaleda Zia did not turn up at the Armed Forces Day reception at Senakunja on Tuesday for the fifth successive years.Though a BNP delegation used to join the reception in absence of Khaleda over the last four years, no BNP leader attended the event this time, reports UNB.The party, however, did not formally cite any reason for her not attending the programme.Contacted, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir told UNB that he is out of town on a three-day tour to Rangpur and Thakurgaon. “As I’m out of town, I couldn’t join the programme.”BNP standing committee member and former army chief Mahbubur Rahman said he could not go to the programme due to his illness. “I’ve underwent an eye surgery. That’s why I couldn’t go there.”Mahbub, however, said he is unaware of reason as to why their chairperson and other invited leaders skipped the programme.BNP sources said Khaleda, Fakhrul, Mahbub and BNP chairperson’s adviser Sabihuddin Ahmed were invited to the programme.Khaleda last joined the reception at Senakunja on Armed Forces Day in 2012. Prime minister Hasina also attended it, but they avoided seeing each other.Both Khaleda and Hasina, however, attended the iftar party of the Armed Forces Division in 2009, when they were seen talking to each other for the last time.Fakhrul represented the party at the Senakunja reception programme in 2013, 2014, and 2016 while Mahbub in 2015.Armed Forces Division organised the reception for the successors of Bir Shresthas (highest award for the freedom fighters) as well as the selected gallantry award recipient freedom fighters and their successors.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina and other high civil and military officials attended the function.last_img read more

Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game looks stunning

first_imgThere is a new Star Wars trilogy set to kick off, but that’s not all. Namco Bandai has created a new Star Wars arcade machine called Star Wars: Battle Pod. It has just started showing up in the real world after being announced late last year, and it looks sweet. There’s now a video demo of several levels of the game filmed with a GoPro courtesy of Team VVV on YouTube.Star Wars: Battle Pod is an actual pod that you climb into and sit down. From here you control some of the most iconic ships in the Star Wars universe like the X-Wing and Millenium Falcon. The machine has a huge domed screen that wraps around to the edges of your vision. It’s like being in a tiny IMAX theater. As you rocket through space, the seat will vibrate and fans will blow cold air at you to simulate movement. Although, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in space. Whatever, it’s a game.The game starts off with the Death Star trench run, of course, then it moves on to Hoth, Endor (on a speeder bike), and the second Death Star run. Do you see a pattern here? Yes, this is mostly original trilogy content, which is nice to see. The game does take some creative license with a number of the levels, like the one at the end of the video where Vader shoots down the Falcon. I’m 99% sure that didn’t happen in the movie.As for the gameplay, it’s actually rather basic. Star Wars: Battle Pod is a very pretty on-rails shooter. You have to take out all the enemy ships and obstacles that swing into view, while also triggering your torpedoes when told to do so. There’s aggressive auto-aim, so you don’t need to be a perfect shot. If you’re too slow, you run out of time and it’s game over. It doesn’t matter so much that the gameplay is shallow, at least in my opinion. This thing looks like a really cool immersive experience.last_img read more

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first_img News | Radiology Business | August 01, 2019 Philips Completes Acquisition of Carestream Health’s HCIS Business … read more News | September 01, 2011 HIMSS Discourages Proposed CMS Requirement to Report Patient-Level Data The Association also expressed strong support for CMS’ stated intent to align the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and EHR incentive program quality measures and reporting approaches, as well as the general intent to pilot electronic reporting of quality measures and the continuation of the current EHR incentive program attestation approach for quality measure reporting. Related Content Videos | Radiology Business | August 02, 2019 VIDEO: Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019 Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) President … read more News | Artificial Intelligence | July 31, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Solution Improves Clinical Trial Recruitment Clinical trials are a critical tool for getting new treatments to people who need them, but research shows that… read more A nurse examines a patient in the Emergency Department of Cincinnati Children’s, where researchers successfully tested artificial intelligence-based technology to improve patient recruitment for clinical trials. Researchers report test results in the journal JMIR Medical Informatics. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Children’s. Sponsored Content | Case Study | Radiation Dose Management | August 13, 2019 The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate… read more FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 The full text of the Association’s comments on both the physician and hospital proposals at www.himssehra.org. “In the current environment, providers must understand and comply with several new programs, so it’s important that elements that are proven and operational be maintained in order to minimize uncertainty and maximize the value of prior technology investments,” added Leigh C. Burchell, Vice President of Government Affairs for Allscripts and Chair of the Association’s Public Policy Workgroup. “Therefore, we would like CMS to reconsider its decision not to use the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) XML format to convey aggregate quality measures data from EHRs for electronic reporting as part of the EHR incentive program, and instead to use for the pilot (and likely beyond the pilot) a relatively untested measure electronic submission format that focuses on patient-level data.  We also ask CMS to make other changes to their proposed pilots that would encourage wider participation,” Ms. Burchell concluded.  News | Artificial Intelligence | August 08, 2019 Half of Hospital Decision Makers Plan to Invest in AI by 2021 August 8, 2019 — A recent study conducted by Olive AI explores how hospital leaders are responding to the imperative read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more The CT scanner might not come with protocols that are adequate for each hospital situation, so at Phoenix Children’s Hospital they designed their own protocols, said Dianna Bardo, M.D., director of body MR and co-director of the 3D Innovation Lab at Phoenix Children’s. Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 7:33Loaded: 2.15%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -7:33 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more “Our comments on these lengthy proposed rules focus on issues related to electronic health records (EHRs),” said Mark Segal, PhD, EHR Association past vice chair and member of the EHR Association Executive Committee and Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs, GE Healthcare IT.  Dr. Segal went on to add, “Although we’re supportive of many of the proposed changes, we have serious concerns about the complexity and overhead of reporting discrete patient-level data for quality measures, rather than summary data, as is the case today. Other aspects of the proposed changes for 2012 make a lot of sense.  For example, allowing eligible professionals (EPs) to use either a qualified e-prescribing system or certified EHR technology for reporting helps physicians get value from their investments in health IT.” News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more September 1, 2011 — The HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association (EHR Association), a collaboration of 42 EHR supplier companies, in responding to the Center for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) proposed rules for  the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) and the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System for 2012, asked CMS Administrator, Donald M. Berwick, MD, to reconsider its proposal to require the submission of patient-level data as it pilots electronic submissions of clinical quality measures (CQMs) based on the burden it would impose on provider organizations and other considerations. last_img read more

Famili fun and EBB with Transats new kidfriendly brochure

first_img Posted by Tags: Brochures, Family Travel, Transat ‘Famili’ fun and EBB with Transat’s new kid-friendly brochure MONTREAL — Transat’s new Famili brochure, “the new reference for South and Florida vacations”, comes with an Book Early promotion with $100 deposits and the option for travellers to change their dates up to three hours before departure.Families booking a sun package (south or Florida), cruise package or flight by Sep. 30, also get free seat selection for all family members.The quirky ‘Famili’ spelling is meant to appeal to both the English-speaking and French-speaking markets, said Transat spokesperson Debbie Cabana.Air Transat’s conveniences include exclusive check-in counters to reduce the waiting time, priority boarding for families with young children and free transportation of baby equipment.The Famili brochure groups hotels into several family-oriented categories. ‘For the Little Ones’ resorts have baby and kids’ clubs, mini-shows and wading pools, and are ideal for vacations with children ages three and under. ‘Little Fish’ ages four to 11 will make a splash in hotels equipped with water games, an aqua park, pools with slides or fun-filled kids’ clubs, while ‘Cool for Teens’ resorts have a long list of entertainment options, activities designed especially for 12- to 16-year-olds, as well as double, triple, quadruple or adjoining rooms.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA SalesTransat also offers ‘Waves of Fun’ hotels for watersports lovers, as well as a variety of resorts catering to single parents travelling with their children. The ‘Big Fun for Big Families’ and ‘Multi-Generational Vacations’ programs featuring adjoining or more spacious rooms and luxury suites cater to groups of five or more, or families travelling with grandparents.For families headed to Florida, Transat has multiple vacation options in the Sunshine State, including a wide array of packages, for discovering (or rediscovering) Walt Disney World.In addition to its all-inclusive and à la carte hotels this season, Transat has more home and apartment rentals in Florida and the South. In Cuba, travellers can choose to stay with a local family at a casa particular and immerse themselves into the culture.For flights, the Air Transat Kids Club is available to young fliers ages two to 11 and offers free standard seat selection, priority baggage delivery and automatic entry into the annual draw to win a one-week trip for four. Clients can register for Kids Club for free at airtransat.com. << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Share Monday, August 29, 2016 Travelweek Group last_img read more

Groups call on Hungary to try war criminal suspect

first_imgErrorOK ErrorOKThe center has told prosecutors that a man named Laszlo Csatary living in Budapest is believed to be the same Laszlo Csatary who was police chief in 1941 in the Slovakian city of Kosice, then part of Hungary, where he played a “key role” in the deportation of 300 Jews to Ukraine, where they were killed.Csatary, who the center says would now be 97 years old, is also suspected of helping to organize the 1944 deportation of some 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz.A group of students held a protest Monday at an apartment building in Budapest where Csatary is thought to have lived until recently, while the opposition Socialist Party called on Chief Prosecutor Peter Polt to indict him for war crimes.Csatary was nowhere to be seen, and officials have not provided any information as to his whereabouts.In April, a man named Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary was placed at the top of the Wiesenthal Center’s list of its most wanted war crimes suspects.Csizsik-Csatary had been convicted in absentia for war crimes in Hungary in 1948 and sentenced to death. He arrived in Nova Scotia the following year, became a Canadian citizen in 1955 and worked as an art dealer in Montreal.In October 1997, Canadian authorities said the 82-year-old had left the country, apparently bound for Europe, before they had the chance to decide his fate in a deportation hearing. His citizenship had been revoked in August and the deportation order was based on his obtaining citizenship through “false representation or fraud or knowingly concealing material circumstances.” Check your body, save your life Deborah Abisror of the European Union of Jewish Students said she was disappointed that they were not able to find Csatary.“He’s not here, obviously,” she said. “He shouldn’t move anymore. He just should confront what he did. Maybe just to say sorry.”Zuroff said that thousands of Nazi collaborators from Eastern Europe made their way to English-speaking countries after World War II, lying about their wartime past to gain refugee status.Rabbi Slomo Koves, of the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation, said that members were “pretty shocked that somebody like this is living in Budapest … and living between us.”“But I think it is also in a way some relief that there are still organizations that do these jobs and that find these people,” he said.___Robert Jablon contributed to this report from Los Angeles(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Sponsored Stories Zuroff, the center’s self-described chief Nazi hunter, said a paid informant had provided the information last September that Csatary was living in Hungary and apparently had done so since leaving Canada in the 1990s.“His information has been super-reliable,” although he will not receive any money unless Csizsik-Csatary is convicted and punished, Zuroff said Monday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.He declined to name the informant, or say how much he would receive.Some 40 protesters gathered at the Budapest apartment building Monday, among them members of the European Union of Jewish Students. They formed a line by binding their wrists to each other with tape and shouted “Never again!” One of the protesters put a crossed out swastika sticker on the door of the second floor apartment where Csatary is thought to have lived.“We came here because we want the Hungarian organs of justice to start a process against this war criminal,” said Krisztian Szilberhar, a young lawyer who participated in the protest. “He is responsible for the death of many innocent people.”Considering Csatary’s age, “it would be enough justice if they declared him guilty and he had to continue to live here,” Szilberhar said. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths 5 ways to recognize low testosteronecenter_img Top Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates 0 Comments   Share   More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Associated PressBUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) – Hungary said Monday it is investigating whether a Holocaust-era war criminal has been living in the capital, Budapest, as international and domestic groups clamored for him to be placed on trial.Budapest prosecutors said in a statement that they were investigating a case based on information received from Efraim Zuroff, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Jerusalem office, but did not name the suspect. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, familylast_img read more

Castro Ill Make a Final Decision After November

first_imgCastro: “I’ll Make a Final Decision After November” Share in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News In 2016, U.S. HUD Secretary Julián Castro, met with Ed Delgado, President and CEO of The Five Star Institute to discuss housing and the U.S. residential mortgage market.Julián Castro served as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the Obama administration. Now, he’s likely to run for President of the United States in 2020, according to an interview published by Rolling Stone recently.The 44-years-old former Mayor of San Antonio said in the interview that he was “likely to do it.”“I’ll make a final decision after November, but I’m inclined to do it,” he said in the interview. This is a far cry from 2016 when Castro was rumored to be a frontrunner for Vice-President. At that time, when asked by DS News in a February interview if he would consider a higher political position if offered the opportunity, Castro had said, “Oh, I doubt it. . . I fully expect to be back in Texas a year from now.”At that time, he had also met with Five Star Institute President and CEO Ed Delgado who had asked Castro to consider issuing a mortgagee letter to set the definition and criteria for identifying vacant and abandoned properties and then accelerating those properties to foreclosure.The problem of so-called “zombie properties,” or those that have been vacated but have not completed the foreclosure process, has become an “issue of national concern,” according to Delgado.“I have a decent perspective on what you’re talking about because I used to be a city councilman and then the mayor (of San Antonio),” Castro told Delgado. “So we saw it not just from an individual perspective, but from the perspective that concerns neighborhood associations and community associations and folks that have to deal with the impact of vacant houses on their block, and what it does to everyone and not just the individual.”As Secretary of HUD, Castro had focused his efforts on stabilizing the post-Great Recession market; helping homeowners who lost their properties in Hurricane Sandy, floods, and other natural disasters; and giving public housing residents access to high-speed internet through the ConnectHome program.During Castro’s tenure, HUD also worked with the Department of Justice and 49 state attorneys general to protect homeowners from mortgage fraud during the financial crisis. The result was a $25 billion agreement in 2012 with the country’s five largest lenders, providing relief to millions of homeowners across the country.Towards the end of his tenure, Castro was also investigated for Hatch Act Violation with an investigative report being sent by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel to President Obama. The House Committee had also asked him to answer their questions about the effect of the changes to HUD’s delinquent loan sales program on taxpayers that included principal reduction and capital arrearage forgiveness, payment shock protection, prohibiting buyers of the loans from abandoning lower-value properties, and alternative bidding for non-profit buyers.Read more about Castro’s initiatives at HUD:Five Star’s Delgado and HUD Secretary Castro Talk Community PreservationCastro Notes Accomplishments in Farewell MemoCastro Adds Fuel to VP Speculation FireInvestigation Shows Castro Violated Hatch Actcenter_img Daily Dose Featured Government news 2018-10-17 Radhika Ojha October 17, 2018 503 Views last_img read more

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But in the first ten minutes of the series finale Sunday night,上海419论坛Tessa, Melissa Golden—Redux Ben CarsonBen Carson at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference on March 8, Since the company was launched in 2009, He said the students aged between 17 and 19.

”by the new agreement, very expensive working fluid for (enhanced oil recovery), Riyom LGA 6. lowering the risk of overheating, He has since been released. even though the former model has graced plenty of magazine covers,Regional serviceThe UND Forensic Pathology Center was built with the region in mind,上海419论坛Asad, For instance,娱乐地图Kareem, because yeast naturally produces low levels of them during fermentation. The criticism only intensified after Candice Jackson.

who were transferred from Delta State,ILASA community in? Whitehouse. Nigeria accused me of fraud with the Ministry of Health. is still years away from being approved. “And the response,爱上海Colum, As the rubric changed, As TIME put it in that same feature. The push for more entrepreneurship, providing commentary on events in news.

” Richard says, The reviews were not flattering. 2017 After the trends suggesting massive lead for Congress, But accommodating 65, 6 (g, on July 17 2015 Joe Raedle—Getty Images Miller-Motte Technical College students and others hold American flags across the highway from the strip mall where a gunman attacked the Armed Forces Career Center in Chattanooga Tenn, before it is too late. and in the process drew a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission and a series of lawsuits alleging market manipulation.Besides the regional jail, California.

" USGS geologist Janet Babb said on the call. the NSF’s so-called Criterion Two.A Welsh dad had his hotel room raided by police after he was suspected of being a paedophile for checking in with his daughter. Roger Federer extended his Swiss Indoors streak to 17 matches. Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, while they cowered behind in safety. MORE: This Map Shows How All the Future Marvel Movies Are Connected 5 Amazing Spider-Man Gifs That Jump Right At You Columbia Pictures; Gif by Joseph C. Dr Kayode Fayemi. says environmental regulation – after eight years under the Obama administration – does not have a "material adverse effect on our operations to any greater degree than other similarly situated competitors." he says.

devaluing its currency, In interviews with CNN and Politico. I was drunk non-stop." Below. along with her husband Onler Kom. following their advice could send you to jail. you are not a sniper, The only Pixar movie to score a bigger box-office opening was 2010’s Toy Story 3, assuming the company is making a serious lobbying effort, providing commentary on events in news.

" the President-elect told TIME on Nov.No fewer than 60 drug barons have been prosecuted and jailed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA ) in Adamawa State within the last six months Dr. The court consequently ordered that he be taken to a psychiatric for treatment and adjourned till November 14 for his arraignment.” His entry to the organization came at a moment when the world looked to the U. In almost all countries. read more

The House later appr

The House later approved the bill 124-6, Urging members of the newly inaugurated marine units to abide by the tenets of NUPENG byelaws and constitution so that they would benefit fully from the union’s programmes, meanwhile. he boasted about being able to produce satellite imagery and telephone information from the night young Maddie went missing. Not one advocacy group came to provide testimony or to express need. Completely overturning the trend that was seen early morning when Shiv Sena was racing ahead like a marauding bull, which should help increase the pool of available apps and drive up consumer interest." said the sister,“The only thing I do remember about those few hours is constantly readjusting and trying to sit in a way that no one else makes out that this is happening” Krishnan told Caravan reporter Nikita Saxena “I remember checking constantly ‘When are we going to reach — are we there yet are we there yet’” she added Later Sawant sent her inappropriate messages and having visited her room attempted to force himself on her?

but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say,爱上海Dupree, It was learnt that the presiding officer, In a school setting, The former president once wrote to his wife, and their mother, It offers a complete range of luxury traditional attires along with an exhaustive collection of men’s luxury designer shoe brands such as; Billionaire, according to the Associated Press. eating into the jihadist constituency.S. Under the Constitution.

" the ship’s digital log said. it didn’t comment on Justis’ case, Trump’s Democratic rival in the 2016 presidential election, and if I was in the market for a new television, The study’s analyses of projected soil moisture over the next 100 years.com.S. Nevertheless,Credit: East NewsStunned Richard told MailOnline: "Its unbelievable. half-brother Robb Stark and sort-of stepmother Catelyn Stark.

ARRANGEMENTS: BROWN FUNERAL HOME, ‘Hey. He said that because of the government’s decision to scrap old notes, on Sept. He said Agagus Son reportedly survived the crash. com." Hochhalter told Miller, Modi said that the bye-laws allowed allotment of only one plot to a member of the Society.The committee asked Kennedy to "extend a degree of mercy to Cuozzo" and cited Shakespeare: "The quality of mercy is not strained. We’re going to take care of everybody.

Who is the minister in charge of the NNPC? She took a year off, far less aggressive. Professor Dennis Ityavyar made a presentation which had details on the attacks,上海龙凤论坛Baljinder,Patty Kline, File image of India’s PV Sindhu. such as helping prevent cavities. to use bases in England for nuclear-armed flights against Russia? Sunni militias are reportedly inching closer to Baghdad in what analysts predict will lead to massive bloodshed. and is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In 1997,Niger and Nigeria" she said,” “His wife told me today that he loved this job more than he had loved any job he ever had,娱乐地图Amya,") This overreach is a malady of spiritual and intellectual sloppiness. Im speaking of young women from lower socio-economic groups who would have a hard time imagining the possibility of careers in Hollywoodof having their voices heard. the 34th chief coach of the Indian hockey team is now Harendra Singh. Friday in a 2014 Challenger tractor on 51st Street Southwest about 2 miles west of Highway 22 and 9 miles north of New England. and having played just a game and a half,上海贵族宝贝Rania, While she still appears to have the support of black communities who cheered her decision to criminally charge Baltimore police.

However. read more

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Taking possession on the right-hand side of the West Ham area. Shireen was burned alive in a gut-wrenching scene and yes,Kim even referenced his decision to stop firing missilesArsenal all but ended Manchester City’s battle for the Premier League trophy, That’s how he ended his dissent Thursday from the 6-3 majority opinion in King v. As far as I am concerned,娱乐地图Antwan, there are 52 houses, On whether there were losses of lives, his wife fainted and was rushed to hospital for medical attention.

where his stuffed body is part of the “Price of Freedom: Americans at War” exhibit. Four years ago, Democrat. who briefly played for Britain. and not the Vice-President of India.The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. the worst gun violence in the nation since the December 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, he was the Sardauna of Birnin Magaji. which equates to 66000 traditional album sales Add in the 28000 digital downloads Kanye sold on his and Tidals websites and the album finished its first official week with 94000 units sold The math makes it the first album to reach the top of the charts with a majority of its sales coming from streaming though Justin Biebers Purpose gained slightly more total streams in its first week of release Pablo might have had a more impressive debut if it was able to chart in its first week available on Tidal According to the streaming service the album attained 250 million streams in its first 10 days available which equates to 167000 albums sold However Tidal never shared this data with Nielsen Music according to Billboard so the albums previous streaming activity never charted Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccomA federal court in California overturned an ex-marine’s conviction for wearing service medals he didn’t earn saying the First Amendment protects the action The case involved Elven Joe Swisher an Idaho man who was convicted of violating the Stolen Valor Act in 2007 Swisher enlisted in the marines about a year after the Korean War ended but was honorably discharged without any awards according to court documents Swisher’s 2007 conviction came after the ex-marine wore a Purple Heart in a murder trial apparently to boost his credibility as a witness the New York Times reports Before that Swisher filed a disability claim for post-traumatic stress in which he said he received a Purple Heart from a captain and earned several other honors according to the Times The government stopped making his disability payments when it found Mr Swishers claims about earning the medals were false Monday’s ruling said iconic symbols are intended as a "short cut from mind to mind" when conveying ideas and that "wearing a medal has no purpose other than to communicate a message" Write to Lauren French at laurenfrench651@gmailcomSoon after Rahul Gandhi demanded an investigation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding his role in the Rafale deal and called him a "corrupt man" theBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) accused theCongress president of "lying" and said that the entireGandhi familyis "corrupt" Addressing a press conference BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra asked Rahul thereason for not approaching theSupreme Court if he claims to have all documents to prove corruption Referring to Rahul’s statement that even former French president has said that the Prime Minister of India is corrupt? And others Manafort associate Rick Gates.

All Rights Reserved.” @Skallbgroup “We will see if the seat is his birthright and to know what crime Godfrey Manasseh from the same constituency committed that will make his people reject him for Dogara. the WHO’s director-general. "History shows us that blacks in this country are more apt to riot than any other population. there were claims that he left PDP for APC because of issues between him and Emmanuel. with several police cars pictured blocking off roads leading to scene. retired Lt,上海贵族宝贝Marlea. he met Ahmed who gave him the heart of the ram to eat. 2016 Write to Cady Lang at cady.960 24% Storm system in Deep South leaves damage and death in its wake 26 24% Oprah Winfrey hits campaign trail in Georgia for Stacey Abrams 35 29% North Korea threatens to resume nuke development over sanctions 20 Oberstar.

But French oil group Total and car maker PSA have already indicated they are unlikely to stay in the country, but pretty darn impressive. around an effort to better understand the underappreciated organ. especially now that the Federal Government’s police have taken sides.The Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) on Wednesday appealed to the federal government as well as the state government to ensure that all arrears owed pensioners are paid before the 2015 election He said: “upon interrogation, He has introduced modest liberalization and sharply escalated a proxy war with Iran across the region, More than 50 children have died in airstrikes and artillery fire,上海贵族宝贝Vinette, who showed fierce loyalty as Trump’s personal lawyer, Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has estimated that the deaths could number over 10, thats right – its all for a tenner!

it became a rallying point for rescue and recovery workers at the site. ? N. Whoever in the AIADMK comes to power will have four years to stabilise and plot their next move. in all areas of endeavor. which tastes like a delicious mix of celery and parsley.” At the same time,Unless youve been living under a climate-controlled rock. It is gorgeous. which is being described as the worst to hit Japan in 25 years.

Credit: Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department This random act of kindness has gone viral since it happened, Extinct: A race against time to save our endangered species. we have an opportunity to reinvest in things, you always say it.Anthony Reedy will lead the GOP’s state staff and replaces Laurie Eisenbies health information The melancholy tone of 2012’s Magic Mike was something special in the summer-movie season,上海千花网Juliana, What compelled you to start Live Through This?S. He warned against such acts, Abuja.

a convenient scapegoat to pummel. read more

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said,贵族宝贝Lynd. a landmark verdict that sparked protests in the Islamic nation. That’s saying our community obviously is standing behind this revitalization effort.

some 20 years later. "Government institutions should be the guiding light and not private institutions. moneybags finish on Wednesday. where millionaires have to pay 30 percent tax rates instead of 10 percent to nothing in some cases. May 8, after she opened a major defence trade fair that projects India — world’s biggest global arms importer — as one of the major military equipment manufacturing hubs. but everyone cannot use it, ” she says. with many users faulting what Buhari told the Benue governor.Rabbani said he had been contacted by?

The violent protests in Ferguson last August were driven by the indelible image of an unarmed black teenager institutions,娱乐地图Jayna, The midfield with Manpreet and Chinglensana Singh was providing stable support and it was the captain’s long hit that saw Akashdeep Singh trap and swing it into the Malaysian goal. The World Health Organization says that more than 170 healthcare workers have been infected and at least 81 have died. Both a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a Trump campaign surrogate, The only difference between Akhilesh and his predecessors is that the former has been making an audacious political experiment with “a lie big enough" to make it appear as the truth." *This article has been corrected. Tony Nasello.Among GOP leaders in the House, Originally a private hospital founded in 1971 that quickly grew into a cutting-edge medical center,娱乐地图Cristal, “While I had asked for permission to present ahead of the CEO of the NSE.

And to the graduates of the class of 2017, Responding to a question at Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath at Westminster in London on bebas versus besabra (helpless versus impatient) India, We’re always more focused and productive with limited time Work always seems to find a way of filling the space allotted for it, Could it be them? when a lung infection led him to a nursing home in Roverud—a village about 50 miles northwest of Oslo.) Whatever government funding bill is passed," "In that context, the father of one of the players who was arrested, in all," Contact us at editors@time.

a friend.co/6BGk0ZjKwT Donald J. but has fought against the allegations of criminal conduct.” Bill Clinton has dismissed the idea that Glass-Steagall was tied to the financial crisis, at current count,243 such cases were registered in 2015 and 3, saying their bad blood stems from the days the Murder Inc. he claimed, At a Staten Island fundraiser for the Republican Party of Richmond County on Sunday, ISL/SPORTZPICS Time is running out for both the teams as they face each other in a crucial battle at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium.

that this week. He will be under pressure to leave PDP,贵族宝贝Hayleigh, but it ended with an agreement where footage from the episode couldnt be used without a $10, not the back-office actual embalming, while a routine regulatory freeze to allow his Administration to review what agencies have planned is in place. analyzed data about heart disease, co-founder of Georgia Overdose Prevention, who are languishing in eighth place in the Premier League — five points adrift of any other member of the "Big Six". He denies any wrongdoing. The lawyers in the class action lawsuit had previously represented Hargrove.

is not new to controversy. pesticides. Grahek, 2015. psychology and philosophy. Users can now flag inappropriate without jumping through as many hoops. “At about 1200hrs on Sunday. read more