The schedules of the 25th day of LaLiga Santander are already known

first_imgSaturday, February 22, 202013:00 Celtic – Leganés16:00 Barcelona – Eibar18:30 Real Sociedad – Valencia21:00 Levante – Real MadridSunday, February 23, 202012:00 Osasuna – Granada14:00 Alavés – Athletic16:00 Valladolid – Espanyol18:30 Getafe – Seville9:00 pm Atlético de Madrid – Villarreal LaLiga has published the schedules of the 25th day of the championship, which will be held from February 21 to 23. As usual, the games will be played between Friday and Sunday and the open game will be Sunday at 2:00 pm: Alavés – Athletic Club de Bilbao. These are all schedules:Friday, February 21, 202021:00: Real Betis – Mallorcalast_img read more

If Barcelona wants Lucas Pérez, he will have to disburse about 25 million

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 8, 2020 The winter market has already concluded but there are some operations still capable of being carried out. The most powerful is that of Lucas Pérez, which interests Barcelona after Dembelé’s injury. Tuesday will be a key day as a medical committee will analyze whether the player’s injury is serious enough for Barcelona players to incorporate players. Another case is that of Burgui, who barely plays with Garitano. The arrival of Camarasa Y Edgar and the settlement of Burke, Aleix Y Borja practically discards him in the second round. Another that will be losing prominence clearly will be Luis Rioja. The truth is that the lesion of Javi Ros (meniscus with cartilage involvement) it seems that it will cause the hands to go to the market and that the pacense is a good option in cession formula. Lucas’s clause is around 25 million and Alavés is not willing to lower it because he risks losing a key player without having signed the permanence in First. Yesterday he The Party of COPE, the player said that “I don’t know anything about Barca’s interest but if there is an opportunity at the end of the year, it will be welcome.” 7last_img read more

Who was St. Patrick and why is his day celebrated on March 17?

first_imgSt. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland, since this saint is the patron of the country. A holiday celebrated on March 17, is of Catholic origin and has a special meaning for the people of Éire and the Celtic culture. But who was it and why is St. Patrick celebrated this day?The first thing to know is that St. Patrick is neither holy, nor was his name Patrick, nor was he originally from Ireland. This man, who has never been officially canonized by the church, was called Maewyn Succat, was born in 385 in what is now Scotland and was the son of a cleric and Roman officer. Throughout his life, he himself was reflecting the events that occurred in a series of writings and thanks to this he can be known for everything that happened until he became the figure venerated by the Irish.Maewyn’s history with the country of which he would be patron is born at age 16, at which time he was kidnapped by Celtic pirates who moved him from Scotland to the northwest coast of Ireland. At that time, the country was divided into independent tribes and there they sold him as a slave to a Druid. At the service of this teacher, the young man dedicated himself to caring for sheep and began to experience faith in God that would lead him to a new future.After six years of slavery, one night the young man dreamed that God revealed to him by showing the ship in which he had to flee the island. Maewyn walked about 300 kilometers along the Irish coast and when he finally found the ship that was supposed to move him, the captain of the latter refused to embark him given the shortage of money of the boy. It was his pleas that would convince the crew chief, which finally led him to French Brittany.Finally free, the young man delved into the Catholic faith and, first in Canes and then in Auxerre, where he was consecrated bishop and adopted the name of Patrick (meaning father of all citizens), he was preaching and evangelizing different people. From France he would undertake a trip to Rome in which he would meet Pope Celestine I, who would entrust him with the function of being a missionary in Ireland.Returning to the Emerald Island (Ireland is known for the number of green areas), Patrick began to preach the gospel by the various tribes in order to turn the heathen into Christians. It was in Down County where he spent much of this stage and in a barn, nowadays converted into a church in his honor, he began celebrating his masses. From there his word spread throughout the island while he founded new churches and brought together Catholic congregations. The feast of St. Patrick was chosen to extol the culture and values ​​of Ireland. Image: Reuters Thanks to all these actions, St. Patrick became the first person who preached Christianity for Ireland, a pagan land at the time and that today is the third country with more Catholics in the West, behind Italy and Spain. In addition, for his actions, he is credited with a symbol that has ended up linked to Irish culture. This is the three-leaf clover, an object that St. Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity by assigning to each leaf one of the three divine personalities (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), something that was simple for the learning of the Irish. This plant is the one that symbolizes the saint and which has ended up becoming the country’s heritage along with the color green.St. Patrick died on March 17, 461 in Downpatrick (today in Northern Ireland) and there the Down Cathedral was built where his grave is located but not his relics, it is unknown where he was buried. It was this date of his death the one chosen in 1903 by the Irish nationalist leader, James O’Mara, to commemorate a public holiday in the country that would eventually become the massive National Day of the Republic of Ireland that is currently.Parades and parties of the worldBut St. Patrick’s Day is not originally from the country that welcomed the saint, but from the United States, where immigrants began celebrating it in the 18th century to keep Ireland’s roots alive. This population was increasing from the famine that affected Europe in the nineteenth century and today reaches 40 million Americans with Irish ancestors.Therefore, the American country has become the great exponent of Celtic culture and some of its cities have a society influenced by Ireland. In Boston there is a basketball team dedicated to the culture of the Emerald Island (Boston Celtics), in Chicago the river turns green when it approaches March 17 and in New York, a non-Irish city with more Irish people, the most famous and largest parade in the world for St. Patrick’s Day. Even the city cathedral is dedicated to Saint Patrick.As for Ireland, the first ride that took place on this day was in Dublin in 1931. However, it would not be until 1990, amid tensions between the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, when it would host the crowd of people with whom the event is known in the 21st century. The government of the country saw on this date the perfect opportunity to promote nationalist symbols, traditional culture and the exaltation of Irish roots in the figure of St. Patrick.In addition, this March 17 monuments from around the world commemorate the saint’s holiday. Places like the One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building in New York, the London Eye in London, the Sydney Opera House, the Colosseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China, the Tower of Pisa or the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro they light up emerald green for the National Day of the Republic of Ireland.Spain is also a participant in the #OlaVerde from different parts of the country as it has been celebrating for other years. In Madrid the City Hall, the Puerta de Alcalá and the Cibeles Fountain are illuminated, in A Coruña, the Celtic city par excellence of Spain, the Tower of Hercules, in Seville the Glorieta de Don Juan de Austria and in Tenerife the Plaza de España. They debut in this play of lights: Barcelona, ​​Santander, Malaga, Zaragoza, Murcia, Cáceres, Valladolid and Tarragona.center_img St. Patrick was born in Scotland, his name was Maewyn and he was never canonizedHe used a clover to explain Christianity and the Holy TrinityThe holiday was spread by Irish immigrants in the USlast_img read more

Ramos, to Piqué: “I sign to win all the Classics with a first half as bad as the one he says”

first_imgThe worst Barça he saw: “Barça has its seal that is possession. His philosophy is respectable for me. We have another style, neither better nor worse, just different. ”Mariano’s goal: “It was a goal that came very well for the game and on a personal level for him. There is nothing as rewarding as a goal in the Classic. We are glad for him to be there. The virtue of Zizou is to always have players ready. ”Vinicius: “Vini lives off the goal, but he has been in a hurry and pressure. You have to give him that peace of mind. He is a very young player with a lot of personality. In the end they have been cracking us all our lives. We have to live with that.”Restlessness of the tier: “Not at all. The slabs are every match. We wanted to recover that spirit because they are a key piece for us. What better way than winning a Classic to regain confidence. It’s an exam every three days. ”Favorites: “I do not like that word. That is for the people. The League was long until losing. We recover the leadership and go game by game as if they were final. We will see who endures. ”City: “I saw the match. The first is self-criticism and for that you have to see it. We did 78 very good minutes and from there there were mismatches. They are lessons for the future. “Resort the red: “The possibility of resorting to it will be done. For me of course. Any option to play that game Madrid will do and I will put pressure. The criterion is relative, some say yes and others say no. Football is like that and cannot be rewound. There is a wonderful game back. ”Zidane resigned with criticism: “I don’t know if he is valued or not. Opinion is not controlled. If anyone has the ass pelao He is the Mr. He does it with a peace of mind like in the countryside. ”Missing Gabriel Jesus: “For me it’s a slight touch.”Rubiales y Casillas, for the presidency of the RFEF: “I am the captain. I have a good relationship with Iker and Rubiales. I always wish the best to Iker but I’m also Rubi’s friend, you’re not going to take anything from me. ” Sergio Ramos analyzed the triumph of Real Madrid in the Classic. The white captain was satisfied with the performance of the team and with the leadership recovered. “There is a lot left and you have to have your feet on the ground,” he said.Leaders: “That’s right. After the last results we wanted to claim and what better way than at home and before a great team like Barça. It was a unique opportunity to depend on ourselves. There are three important points but there is much, we must have feet on the ground. “In the first part they suffered: “We gave the ball a bit to Barça, we decided to be more withdrawn. I do not know if better or worse but it was our decision. They had control of the ball but did not generate chances. In the second part we changed the approach, trying to steal in the opposite field and we started to create occasions and we managed to score. “Based on what they decide to replicate and then take the step forward: “These are phases in the game and decisions are made based on the match. It is not known if sometimes it is better or worse but we did it that way. We will have to go around to see what can be improved. Now, try to keep us up as much as possible. “They learned from defeat against City: “In the end mistakes are learning, they should always help us to improve and make us stronger. This team has led to self-criticism.”Attention to Messi: “In the end, Messi creates a constant uncertainty and you have to be aware. Maybe we emphasized Leo because he is decisive, we put all the attention on him, trying to close the space.”Bernabéu effect: “In the end when the results do not accompany you, you end up feeling in debt. It took a match like that to merge again. Now, to keep us and return it with titles not only with matches.”Later he attended the media present in the ‘mixed zone’.Final match: “I don’t think it was a match ball. There were three important points to merge with the fans, it was normal that they were not happy with us after a difficult year. Important so they don’t go to five points. ”Piqué’s opinion: “Everyone’s opinion is respectable. I signed to win all the Classics by making a first half as bad as he says. The approach was different, in the first we left the ball and in the second we decided to go upstairs. They were not so fresh and we began to generate occasions. If we become thinnerlast_img read more

Setién hesitates with the drawing

first_imgIt is up to Setién to make a decision from here at the end of the season. However, and seeing his modus operandi in recent games, the road, if he does not give a blow again, seems marked and is to copy what Valverde had been doing. In home games, Setién will take advantage of the signing of Braithwaite to be ordered in a 4-3-3. In the lead, you can play with the Danish and Ansu in addition to Griezmann and Messi. It is possible that he even implemented it in the second round of Champions League match against Napoli. Outside the home, however, it seems difficult to think that with the lack of resources it has, it can escape 4-4-2. Less in Champions. Ansu has stopped having opportunities since he started in San Mamés. The arrival of Braithwaite and the arrival of weight games has left him without a place. Against Betis, Naples or Madrid away from home, 4-4-2 has been untouchable for Setién, who already drops off the record that he doesn’t have the elements to implement what he wants. Although that may have much more to do with the way of life of the wardrobe. Nothing he did not know and was not able to administer Valverde, which last year stayed three games of the triplet and still was put in the trigger. You should also decide soon what path your team takes if you want your stay in Barcelona to be extended next season. “The best way to win is to play well, and I always promise that my teams will play football well.” Setién arrived with that declaration of principles at Barça but, for the moment, has not complied. Barça has not been a brilliant team. On the contrary, it has bored, especially with its festival of a thousand mindless passes in the first three games (Granada, Ibiza and Valencia). Then, basically, he has dedicated himself to copy Valverde. He has also fulfilled one thing. He assured that there could be novelties in the drawing that did not last long. It took him a short time to return to the Valverde highway. Upon arrival, he tried with a 3-1-4-2 that crashed in less than a week, when he lost and could be thrashed in Valencia after being about to fall in Ibiza.Setién changed quickly, to 4-3-3, with Ansu Fati, Griezmann and Messi in the lead. But the important parties arrived, away from home, and did what Valverde had done for two and a half years. Play with a 4-4-2, whether or not with rhombus, with all the sacred cows, including Arturo Vidal.last_img read more

The Inter staff, ready to give up their salaries

first_imgThe details of the cuts will be decided when it becomes clearer whether the competitions for this course will resume or not.o: Most likely, the footballers will give up the salaries of March, April, May and June as those of the Vecchia Signora did, leaving open the possibility of renegotiating if they finally return to green. While the Serie A clubs are looking for a common path (and the meeting by teleconference with the Association of Footballers postponed yesterday should take place today), Inter would be close to imitating the example of Juventus and cutting the salaries of its footballers. According to the agency ‘ANSA’, both coach Antonio Conte and his players would have given the go-ahead to forgo their payments after a few days of contacts with the Nerazzur management.last_img read more

Fernandinho: “Costa is the most difficult rival I have ever measured”

first_imgNeither Messi, nor Cristiano, nor Neymar, nor Mbappé. The most difficult rival to which Fernandinho, the versatile footballer of Guardiola in Manchester City, has been measured is Diego Costa. This has been recognized in statements that today included the Daily Mail. “Messi, Cristianoa, Neymar, Mbappé … they are all very good and cause a lot of problems for the defenders,” said the Brazilian. But, and here, his ‘but’ another rival comes to his mouth when talking about extreme difficulty: the rojiblanco. “He’s one of the hardest guys I’ve ever faced. Diego Costa when he was in Chelsea. I was in good shape“he added.Costa and Fernandinho lived a duel full of disputes and blows. “The pair faced each other in an August 2015 Premier League match at the Etihad Stadium when Costa was convinced that Fernandinho deliberately elbowed him in the side of the head,” recalls the Daily Mail. At the end of the game, in fact, Lagarto’s went to look for the City footballer in the tunnel while Mourinho, then coach of Chelsea, asked for his expulsion for saying that Costa “was always trying to offend rivals”. When ‘The Beast’ emergesCosta arrived at Chelsea in the summer of 2014, after being key for Atlético to win LaLiga from Godín’s goal at the Camp Nou (36 goals in 51 games were his total numbers). Records that did not decrease in his three seasons at Chelsea (58 goals in 120 games) although during that time the striker missed terribly what he had left in Madrid, Atlético and Cholo. He returned in 2017, he returned to play in January 2018 but, for the moment, nothing has been the same, 13 goals in 52 games, although, in the face of doubts and criticism, Simeone continues to be his great baularte: he values ​​in Costa what Fernandinho now ponders. It is a toothache for all rivals. It’s Costa. And, at any moment, from your body can arise The beast. Unstoppable.last_img read more

Madrid reassures Jovic

first_imgFurthermore, in Madrid they still trust Jovic, as an authorized source explained to AS: “Luka is at the perfect age to grow as a footballer and as a person, he signed a contract until 2025 and we have him. You can make a list of players who, at 21 or 22, seemed stagnant and who were at the age of 25 top ten worldIt is expected, then, that the former Eintracht, currently two goals in 766 minutes of 3,360 (one fifth) possible, can justify the 60 million paid by him in 2019. The future of Luka Jovic (22 years old) continues to paint white. AS already told on April 12 that Real Madrid has the forward for next season and this newspaper has also been able to know that the club has reassured its footballer recently. The Serbian was transmitted calm and concentration in his work for what is to come.The sports management wanted, through several calls, to send Jovic his position in the team. With the attacker already in Belgrade, Juni Calafat was in charge of conveying to people close to the player a series of guidelines to quell the fire due to his abrupt landing in his country, punctuated by a strong controversy for having skipped the isolation. Age and adaptation period, keysDespite everything, there is a lot of speculation around Jovic. First, for its discreet performance; second, by the many clubs interested in fishing in that troubled river; and third, because Haaland (19) has entered the Bernabéu’s list of objectives with great force. The economic crisis due to the coronavirus, however, is going to tighten the belt in the technical secretariats, and the Norwegian clause of 75 million euros is only effective as of January 2021. Today it has no fixed price and yours is not therefore a simple operation this summer. The intention of the contact was to point out to Jovic that he should get as far away as possible from any media noise. His priority, therefore, in addition to his family, had to be the care of his physique, something that his personal trainer helps him every day of the week, for when the competition returns. Then Zidane will be able to pull him and Madrid has him in his plans for 2020-21. 18last_img read more

Michel D’Hooghe: “Playing football is risky even behind closed doors”

first_imgSoccer is a contact sport: “Soccer has always been a contact sport. The first rule in all countries is to avoid physical contact. I find it difficult to be able to play a soccer match while staying two meters from my opponent. This is the first consideration.”Avoid meeting people: “The second is that we should avoid gathering groups of people. The players are on the field and in the locker room. And then there are thousands of fans who are going to watch the game. Even if we decide to play behind closed doors, there will still be risks. We have seen in the past that groups of fans gather to watch the game privately. “ Michel D’Hooghe, FIFA Chief Medical Officer, has shown again this Friday his concern about the possibility of football competitions being resumed and he has argued the three main aspects that make him supporter of football not restarting to end the season.Infected and deceased: “In the world we see a large number of people infected and people who die from coronavirus every day. Even young people. And that is why we have to be concerned about the possibility of soccer competitions being resumed.”last_img read more

Figo: “Raúl was a winner and had a little bit of everything”

first_imgThe Portuguese Luis Figo reviewed his career with the Italian Fabio Cannavaro in a live Instagram, and they talked about great players with whom they shared a team like Ronaldo Nazario or Zinedine Zidane, but he stayed with Raúl González, “a winner”.“In my career I have played with great footballers. It would be easier to choose one by demarcation than to stay with just one. I played with Ronaldo, Zidane, Rivaldo, Stoichkov, Guardiola, Hierro, Verón and with whom I was always prepared to score, Raúl “, assured the Portuguese.“Raúl was a winner, because of his mentality he has conquered so much in his career. He always knew how to define and how to move in the field. If you talk about Ronaldo his characteristics are speed and power but with Raúl it is difficult to decide the best, but it had a little bit of everything. He always scored a goal and made a difference “, added.Recalling his change from Barcelona to Real Madrid, in the first elections won by Florentino Pérez, Figo admitted that a key point to take the step was that He did not feel valued at the Catalan club. “It was an important and difficult decision, because I changed from a city that gave me a lot and where it was good; But when you don’t feel that you are recognized for what you are doing, if you have a proposal from another club, you think about it. But I needed the recognition of those who managed Barcelona: when you don’t receive it, if you have another proposal, think about it. All started like this. The president told me “bring the money and go”: if you say so, you get angry, especially if you try to give it your all. That summer I was also able to go to Lazio, which was strong and had the money: they wanted to pay my clause. I chose well, I was looking for a team that had great objectives: it didn’t go wrong, “he admitted.“The great clubs of the world are similar, the main difference is the people who form society, because I came to Madrid with a major change in the presidency and at the beginning it was not easy. It was all new to me, but the integration was good and with the help of everyone I adapted quite well, “he added.Cannavaro sees Figo as the next UEFA president and the Portuguese, although he did not rule it out, assured that he is happy with his current work and being an ambassador for Euro 2020. “At the moment I’m fine with the work I’m doing, I am learning a lot and in the future it will be seen “.last_img read more