Ramos, to Piqué: “I sign to win all the Classics with a first half as bad as the one he says”

first_imgThe worst Barça he saw: “Barça has its seal that is possession. His philosophy is respectable for me. We have another style, neither better nor worse, just different. ”Mariano’s goal: “It was a goal that came very well for the game and on a personal level for him. There is nothing as rewarding as a goal in the Classic. We are glad for him to be there. The virtue of Zizou is to always have players ready. ”Vinicius: “Vini lives off the goal, but he has been in a hurry and pressure. You have to give him that peace of mind. He is a very young player with a lot of personality. In the end they have been cracking us all our lives. We have to live with that.”Restlessness of the tier: “Not at all. The slabs are every match. We wanted to recover that spirit because they are a key piece for us. What better way than winning a Classic to regain confidence. It’s an exam every three days. ”Favorites: “I do not like that word. That is for the people. The League was long until losing. We recover the leadership and go game by game as if they were final. We will see who endures. ”City: “I saw the match. The first is self-criticism and for that you have to see it. We did 78 very good minutes and from there there were mismatches. They are lessons for the future. “Resort the red: “The possibility of resorting to it will be done. For me of course. Any option to play that game Madrid will do and I will put pressure. The criterion is relative, some say yes and others say no. Football is like that and cannot be rewound. There is a wonderful game back. ”Zidane resigned with criticism: “I don’t know if he is valued or not. Opinion is not controlled. If anyone has the ass pelao He is the Mr. He does it with a peace of mind like in the countryside. ”Missing Gabriel Jesus: “For me it’s a slight touch.”Rubiales y Casillas, for the presidency of the RFEF: “I am the captain. I have a good relationship with Iker and Rubiales. I always wish the best to Iker but I’m also Rubi’s friend, you’re not going to take anything from me. ” Sergio Ramos analyzed the triumph of Real Madrid in the Classic. The white captain was satisfied with the performance of the team and with the leadership recovered. “There is a lot left and you have to have your feet on the ground,” he said.Leaders: “That’s right. After the last results we wanted to claim and what better way than at home and before a great team like Barça. It was a unique opportunity to depend on ourselves. There are three important points but there is much, we must have feet on the ground. “In the first part they suffered: “We gave the ball a bit to Barça, we decided to be more withdrawn. I do not know if better or worse but it was our decision. They had control of the ball but did not generate chances. In the second part we changed the approach, trying to steal in the opposite field and we started to create occasions and we managed to score. “Based on what they decide to replicate and then take the step forward: “These are phases in the game and decisions are made based on the match. It is not known if sometimes it is better or worse but we did it that way. We will have to go around to see what can be improved. Now, try to keep us up as much as possible. “They learned from defeat against City: “In the end mistakes are learning, they should always help us to improve and make us stronger. This team has led to self-criticism.”Attention to Messi: “In the end, Messi creates a constant uncertainty and you have to be aware. Maybe we emphasized Leo because he is decisive, we put all the attention on him, trying to close the space.”Bernabéu effect: “In the end when the results do not accompany you, you end up feeling in debt. It took a match like that to merge again. Now, to keep us and return it with titles not only with matches.”Later he attended the media present in the ‘mixed zone’.Final match: “I don’t think it was a match ball. There were three important points to merge with the fans, it was normal that they were not happy with us after a difficult year. Important so they don’t go to five points. ”Piqué’s opinion: “Everyone’s opinion is respectable. I signed to win all the Classics by making a first half as bad as he says. The approach was different, in the first we left the ball and in the second we decided to go upstairs. They were not so fresh and we began to generate occasions. If we become thinnerlast_img read more

Lorne Targets Best Chess In 2017

first_imgBuoyed by his impressive joint second place in the Sub Zonal Chess Tournament last year, National representative, Malaku Lorne is targeting more consistency and improvements to attain his best game, in 2017.The tournament is part of the World Championships qualification cycle and the Jamaican will line up against competitors at this year’s Zonal which is expected to be held in El Salvador in March.”This year, I am trying to do a lot better and be more consistent, I have represented Jamaica on three occasions now,” he explained.The former Chess Master scored seven points from his nine games to place joint second (third on tie-break), in the 2.3.5 Sub-Zonal Chess Tournament held in Barbados from April 28 to May 2, last year.Courtesy of that performance, he earned the title International FIDE Master (FM).”To the best of my knowledge, I am only the second Jamaican to qualify for this stage of the zonal, so I want to do really well at this one,” Lorne said.Lorne has represented Jamaica at three Olympiads so far; 2004, 2014 and 2016, and will be looking to do so again in 2018.His career spans 24 years, and Lorne considers himself a professional player according to Jamaican standards.He received the Chess Sportsman of the year award at the RJR Sports Foundation National Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year ceremony, recently.”To be honest, I wasn’t aiming to win this accolade. I was just aiming to do my best throughout the year, and surprised to win it,” he told The Gleaner.”It will definitely help with marketing. One of my problems was sponsorship, and winning this award will help me get more sponsorship,” he said.Lorne said that preparations are in full swing to lift his game.”I can get a lot better, based on some performance I have put in I will do a lot better, I just want more consistency,” he observed.last_img read more

Security lapses chasing away investments in Guyana – PSC

first_imgPrison fires… chides Govt for failing to hold any officials accountableIt is almost as if the country has settled down to a state of normalcy, despite the upheavals back in July when the Camp Street Prison was razed and over a dozen high profile inmates escaped. But the business community has reported that they are still dealing with the fall out.Members of the Private Sector Commission with Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan and other officialsThe Private Sector Commission (PSC) had raised its concerns with President David Granger, who then referred them to Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan. Following a meeting with the Minister earlier in the week, the Commission revealed that due to the security lapses, tourism and investments into the economy are suffering.Public confidence in security, according to the Commission in a statement after the meeting, is worsening due to the fact that no official, at any level, has even been held accountable and charged for the prison fire and escapes.“The Commission emphasised the serious damage that these events have caused to investor confidence here, at home and abroad, and to tourism and underlined the fact that scheduled business visits from abroad and planned events have either been postponed or relocated,” they stated.The Commission further expressed its concern over the inability of the Police to effectively curb the incidence of violent crime reaching into business places and homes across the country. “Our citizens, the Commission stressed, are now living in a constant state of fear.”The Commission noted that acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine, in responding to their concerns, had promised that a Police investigation into the fire was underway. He had told the business executives that the probe would soon be completed.“The Minister acknowledged the need for the urgent restoration of public confidence in the security and safety of our prison system and was open and frank in addressing the challenges faced by the country from the threat of violent crime. The Minister assured the Commission that every effort was being made to recapture the escapees who are still at large and to return the situation to normalcy,” the PSC said.According to the PSC, Minister Ramjattan informed them that “gross overcrowding neglected over a long number of years will demand substantial sums of money not readily available to construct a new and expanded system sufficient to accommodate the present prison population.”ConfidentialityThe business body noted that a “comprehensive and confidential brief” was provided on the current steps being taken to improve the prison system. The Minister also shared with the Commission Government’s plans for the construction of a modern facility in the Mazaruni.When it comes to the status of the prisoners, including those who are still at large, the PSC was also given a confidential brief. According to the Commission, Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, made a comprehensive statistical presentation which covered the current and historical status of prisoners both in the system and at large.“The Commission strongly recommended to the Minister that he make the presentation public since it would go a long way towards reassuring the public that the authorities were in control of the situation,” the PSC stated.On the question of rehabilitation of convicted prisoners, the Minister and his team also outlined the significant efforts and arrangements in place, in spite of extremely limited resources and space, to ensure that released prisoners were able to be gainfully employed on their reintegration into society, the PSC said.According to the Commission, however, the Minister lamented the fact that ex-convicts generally have a hard time reintegrating because the stigma attached to ex-convicts makes it difficult to find employment for them.A total of 19 prisoners escaped in two separate jail breaks over the course of weeks. When the smoke cleared, however, all but four were recaptured. Those still at large are Uree Varsyck, the Camp Street inmate who is alleged to have shot and severely injured prison officers; Royden Williams, who had been on death row for the Bartica Massacre; Cobena Stephens; and Paul Goriah.last_img read more