Michel D’Hooghe: “Playing football is risky even behind closed doors”

first_imgSoccer is a contact sport: “Soccer has always been a contact sport. The first rule in all countries is to avoid physical contact. I find it difficult to be able to play a soccer match while staying two meters from my opponent. This is the first consideration.”Avoid meeting people: “The second is that we should avoid gathering groups of people. The players are on the field and in the locker room. And then there are thousands of fans who are going to watch the game. Even if we decide to play behind closed doors, there will still be risks. We have seen in the past that groups of fans gather to watch the game privately. “ Michel D’Hooghe, FIFA Chief Medical Officer, has shown again this Friday his concern about the possibility of football competitions being resumed and he has argued the three main aspects that make him supporter of football not restarting to end the season.Infected and deceased: “In the world we see a large number of people infected and people who die from coronavirus every day. Even young people. And that is why we have to be concerned about the possibility of soccer competitions being resumed.”last_img read more